DumaTau Camp - September 2016

Sep 5, 2016 DumaTau Camp
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Well what a month it was here at Duma Tau……

Climate and Landscape
As I write, September is gone and summer has arrived in full force. We can tell by the temperatures, recording an average high of close to 37° Celsius while the evening temperatures are creeping up into the high teens. October is always challenging, but as always, along with the extreme temperatures the animals have been out in full force.

In terms of our predators, the DumaTau Pride continued to follow the massive herds of buffalo on the concession. They move along the waterline at this hot, dry time and the lions easily pick off the young and the weak lagging behind.

Leopard are still around in healthy numbers too, with a few of the females showing off their cubs to our guests.

But the highlight happened just before the end of the month. The guides spotted four wild dogs on the north bank of the river. The animals started calling to the rest of the pack on the south bank and before long, the count of dogs was up to 29…14 pups with 15 adults. The Zib Pack, as they are known, was all back together! When the guides got back to camp it took us a while to figure out who was more excited, the guests or the guides… what a special sighting that was.

Birds and Birding
Most of our summer migrants have arrived back from their territories up north. The most amazing must be the carmine bee-eaters. Back in their hundreds and nesting in exactly the same spot as last year, they have returning almost to the day we first encountered them last year. What an amazing sight to see these colourful birds in such phenomenal numbers. And with them came the yellow-billed kites, swooping down to take advantage of the easy prey – as the bee-eaters are ground nesters.

Camp News
To end off that special day, we celebrated Botswana’s 50th year of independence. What a momentous occasion! Parties and celebrations were held in all of our camps, communities and obviously across all of Botswana.

What a privilege it was to be able to spend the day with the team on the ground… and seeing how they live out the saying…

‘Botswana, United and Proud’

And with that, we are off until next month. This October will be hot… but we are excited to see what the bush will have to offer.

From myself, Johan, and the management team of Anneri, Teresa, Dudu, Bumps and Gee, and guides Mocks, Evans, Rodgers, TK, Tops and Godfrey… Take care and we hope to see you again soon.

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