EMS – A Regional Dream Team!

Apr 15, 2017 Conservation
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Maintaining the integrity of the pristine wilderness areas in which we operate means ensuring that we minimise any negative impact our operations might have on the environment.

As Wilderness Safaris is first and foremost a conservation company, which uses tourism as a means to fund our conservation efforts and continue to build sustainable conservation economies, we are strongly focused on conserving and restoring Africa’s wilderness and wildlife by creating life-changing journeys and inspiring positive actions.

One of the pivotal points of achieving this is by mitigating any negative impact which our operations may have on the delicate and pristine environments in which we operate . This is an ongoing and dynamic process which is managed by what we call our Environmental Management Systems (EMS) which are facilitated and monitored by a team of Regional Environmental Officers, stationed in each of our areas of operation. All of the great work and effort carried out in each area is transferred from region to region by a Group Environmental Coordinator to ensure we carry out best practice in all regions and instil knowledge across the board.

Wilderness Safaris Sustainability Workshop 2016

Our team consists of very driven and innovative individuals who have a true passion for conservation and understand the delicate ecology of the areas we operate in. By having regional team members we are able to effectively and timeously manage our camps from a hands-on perspective on a daily basis as well as assist in the construction, refurbishment and decommissioning of any Wilderness Safaris camp. In addition to this, our officers ensure all our camps adhere to the specific and strict governmental legislation in each region. We often say, a camp only operates as well as it is managed, so our team offers camp and maintenance managers assistance, training and induction into our EMS and practices.

In order for this team to operate effectively, a synergistic and seamless relationship with all regions is required to ensure a Group standard and cohesive effort, offering our guests and staff the same habitat integrity which Wilderness has become well-known for. This is achieved by regular workshops and strategy sessions, where ideas can be discussed and strategy put in place – a cross-pollination of innovative conservation ideas.

In upcoming posts we will be discussing our standards and commitment to our and systems to ensure we achieve our goals.

Staff village waste seperation 

Here are the biographies of all the members of our EMS Dream Team:

Botswana Environmental Manager – Segametsi Monnamorwa

Botswana Regional Environmental Officer – Michael Fitt

Namibia Regional Environmental Officer – Jack Chakanga

Zambezi Regional Environmental Officer – Arnold Tshipa

Governors Environmental Officer – Mike Kirungi

Group EMS Coordinator – Warren Ozorio

Written by Warren Ozorio

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By Warren Ozorio

After spending some time in the guiding industry, Warren developed a passion for walking trails as well as mountain bike trails through wilderness areas, which he still leads on request.

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