Have you heard of Little Tubu?

Feb 14, 2013 Trip Reviews
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The year kicks off with a bang for Tubu Tree Camp – we have been granted a permit allowing us to build an additional guest unit as well as a family unit and an extension of Tubu Tree, which will be called Little Tubu.

First thing that had to be done was clearing of only necessary shrubs in the areas where the rooms have been allocated. Measuring of the units came next, making sure that all the lengths, widths and heights is exactly what we wanted. The long and hard job of digging the holes for the gum poles was made easier with rain that we received days before. Planting and straightening of the poles was done as well as putting up of the bearers and joists.

The building of the base structures were almost completed by the 17th January, a few things here and there that had to be tightened, nailed, screwed or bolted. The family unit deck was half way done before we had a whole day of rain, which set us back with that regard, but it gave us the opportunity to complete the structures for the other rooms.

After two days of almost non-stop precipitation and about 240mm of rain in that period, we had a day of no rain and some sunshine. This gave us the opportunity to work on the decking of the family unit again. As the new decking was laid down, they were varnished, to protect the wood from the elements.

As for new Rooms 4 and 5 – the joists and bearers were completed as well by this stage and the ring beams at the top were being put on.

I must say, it is pretty amazing standing on the deck of the family unit. I can’t believe how far we have come and yet, there is still so much to do before we can say – that is it, we are done.

And so on the 21st of January, we completed the decking of the family unit. One down a few more to go.

Room 5’s deck has started taking shape as well, the building team has started on that room. We are hoping to have the decks done for Rooms 4, 5 and family unit by the end of the month.

Well I am off to get dirty and dusty. We will keep you posted.

Have a great week,
From The Tubu Tree Management team

For more details on Little Tubu – click here.


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