Imagine a Place

Aug 24, 2017 Trip Reviews
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Imagine a place where you go to bed to the sound of hippos challenging each other, while eerie lion roars echo deep in the hearts of the spineless, evoking fear and trembling among all who hear them; yet a place so serene that the trills of birds are your alarm clock, perfectly timed to wake you each morning. Monkey chatter every morning signifies the birth of a new day as dawn envelops the valley and a soft mist hovers over the river and the mountain range. A cold spell, though short-lived, grips the camp – but it’s nothing a steaming cup of tea or coffee can’t resolve over your early morning Continental breakfast.

Imagine a Paradise so pristine and epic, with a diversity and density of creatures of different sizes and forms, vegetation so mixed it suits all wildlife comers, scenery so breathtakingly beautiful and wilderness so virgin, it is incomparable for many.

This place is home to the most cheerful and friendly people who will make your stay as pleasurable as any ever experienced; a place skilled in the art of imprinting tracks, spoor and footprints on your soul, heart and mind, to create memories for a lifetime. Memories and journeys that we believe change lives forever.

A place blessed with the most amazing sunsets. A place with an ambience so intense you feel you could slice through it; yet a home away from home for our guests. Our promise: sample our hospitality and diversity of game and you will never forget us.

Imagine the people in this place: staff blessed with smiles that stretch from ear to ear; guides so passionate about the animals they interact with they are still spellbound by Mother Nature’s bounty on a daily basis; a team that appreciates the bush as if they were all born here.

Imagine a place where a memorable safari, enjoyed without compromising on comfort or guest experience, is guaranteed.

That place for me is Ruckomechi Camp.

Written by Eddie Mudzimu.

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By Eddie Mudzimu

Eddie was born in Kariba, a small town in Mashonaland West province, in Zimbabwe. After school, Eddie was recruited by a local hotel to train in various departments before rising up the ranks to the Group Relief Manager – a post he held for 12 years. Life in the bush was a big transition from being at a large hotel but he loves working in the more intimate safari camp environment. His passion for what he does and his desire to create wonderful and memorable journeys for his guests is what makes him happy and continues to drive him.

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Monica Jooste  Aug 31, 2017

I love this Eddie. Hoping to come and visit soon...

Kate Collins  Aug 25, 2017

Beautifully written Eddie. Thank you!