Jacana Camp - April 2013

Apr 15, 2013 Jacana Camp
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Weather and Landscape
This month has brought a change of season. Whilst April started off nice and warm with a daily average temperature in the mid-30s celsius, we are closing the month with a cooler daily of mid-20s. Gone are thehot nights under only a sheet, instead we can all snuggle up under our duvets once again. One storm in the early days of April brought the month’s only rainfall – all 1mm of it – otherwise we have remained dry and sunny.

Alongside the fall in our temperatures, we have seen a slow rise in the water level of the Delta as the annual inundation rolls in. The levels are lower than last year, reaching 78.5 cm on the last day of the month compared with a level of 106 cm at the same time last year.

Our mokoro trips have had regular success at spotting the resident pair of Pel’s fishing-owls, much to the delight of our keen birders. One fortuitous visit to the front deck provided the stunning sight of two adult African fish-eagles in mid-air combat as one tried to steal a freshly caught fish from the other’s talons.

Our game drives on the Jao floodplains have provided lovely sightings of the various antelope species such as tsessebe, impala, blue wildebeest, red lechwe and steenbok, but unfortunately, the rare sitatunga has eluded us this month.

In the middle of the month we were able to fall asleep at night to the marvellously evocative roar of a male lion close the airstrip at Jao. Our “detective” guides the following morning discovered his tracks close to the airstrip which highlighted an injury to his back leg as the tracks in the sand showed him dragging his foot. Sightings were not forthcoming however, as perhaps he was taking cover to lick his wounds.

Jacana has been visited regularly in the evenings by a young male hippo that has appeared calm and relaxed each time he has been spotted grazing on the short grasses. And as usual, the bull elephants of the area have visited the edges of our island to feast on the lush vegetation.

Trips out on our boats have proved successful in the search for crocodiles and the array of water birds such as malachite kingfisher, reed cormorant, African darter and our namesake, the African jacana.

Guest Comments
“We were looking forward to the peace and quiet offered by a water camp and our expectations were well met. Your hospitality and food are excellent as well as the guiding with Timothy. We love it here!”

“Everything’s perfect! Thank you so much for this beautiful time at Jacana Camp! And thanks to Moruti, our super guide! HAKUNA MATATA!”

“The whole visit to your paradise island. The crew is fantastic, the rooms are very good. We send a flower to the chefs - the food was excellent. This was a top memory for our lives! Thank you very much!”

“You have been successful in creating a wonderful lodge; we think the best of our trip. Situated in a unique landscape it is also equipped with an outstanding management and very friendly and helpful staff. It was a pleasure to be here.”

“Very good cooking; friendly and highly service oriented staff. We enjoyed our stay at Jacana very much! Thank you for everything it was wonderful!”

Staff in Camp
Managers: Phil and Jo Oliver
Guides: Gibson Kehemetswe and Moruti Maipelo.


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