Jacana Camp - August 2015

Aug 1, 2015 Jacana Camp
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Climate and Landscape
Summer is definitely on its way! The days were a bit cold to start with but warmed up quickly in the late morning and continued to do so until late afternoon. As the sun descended so too came the cold and everyone moved closer to the fire for some much-appreciated warmth. The days are getting longer though, and watching the sun rise with breakfast from the main deck is always a great way to start the day. However, when the wind blows you can feel that winter is not quite ready to leave for good just yet.

The best sightings of the month took place right in front of camp. Elephants came to visit and enjoy some of the new grass that has now taken over the water’s edge as the level has dropped. Guests were amazed by the size of these animals, a mere five metres away from them, casually strolling by and not caring much about the thousands of photos taken of them (there might even have been a few selfies). Elephants feeding in front of a tent woke up the guests – who were pleasantly surprised to see these giants with their amazing tusks a few metres from their door!
Elephants at Jacana Camp, Okavango Delta, Botswana

At most of the breakfasts this month we attracted the attention of a few vervet monkeys that were very interested in our chefs’ amazing creations. The monkeys made for some good photo ops as well as kept the staff on their toes, trying to keep them at bay.

Birds and Birding
We heard and saw the Pel’s fishing-owl numerous times in the month, from camp as well as on mokoro and even boating activities. There was even a rare sighting of a juvenile that was still in the process of acquiring his adult plumage.

Birdlife is always amazing at Jacana with saddle-billed storks seen nearly every day as well as a flock of wattled cranes feeding not too far from camp, out in the floodplain. Then there are always the resident Meyer’s parrots as well as rattling cisticola to keep the guests hunting for the perfect photo, even when they are back in camp.

Last but not least the ever-present African fish-eagles were very photo-friendly, as well as being a constant reminder of where we are. As I sit typing this I hear a call from one of the resident fish-eagles on a nearby island, with the response of another in the distance. What a privilege to be here!
African Fish Eagle at Jacana Camp, Okavango Delta, Botswana

Camp Activities
Fishing this month was a bit slow as most of the guests managed to catch only a few big lily pads – instead of the tigers they were looking for. However, at least there were a few pike caught to make up for the tigerfish not biting.

Staff in Camp
Camp Managers: Dirk Boshoff, Paula McCay
Guides: TH Mahongo, Moruti Maipelo and Alex Mokauleng

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