Jacana Camp - December 2013

Dec 30, 2013 Jacana Camp
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Weather and Landscape |
The weather has been fantastic. We’ve had cool to warm mornings and hot days with great temperatures during the night. There were a few thunder showers, mostly in the afternoons, and sometimes during the night, leaving the glorious smell of fresh rain on our doorstep. With the skies normally filled with clouds, it provided great photo opportunities in the mornings at sunrise. The rain also brought with it the challenge of finding the game, but the guides became lucky on more than one occasion with lion and buffalo enjoying the cool, fresh mornings. We also experienced beautiful lightning shows and the loud thunder and rumble of the almighty Mother Nature. At Christmas we got to eat outside and enjoyed the cool air and lovely night noises.

Sightings have been excellent and guests really enjoyed every bit of it. They got to see lions on several drives. On one morning the guides found the resident lion pride eating a lechwe, the big male having already eaten his fill, lying in the shade panting away with his full belly. We also got to experience a lioness move her cubs to a shady spot, walking right past the vehicle with the cubs safely clamped in her jaws. 

As mentioned, buffalo sightings were also really good, and on more than one occasion we had the bovids around the vehicle. What also made the month so glorious was the fact that most of the general game has given birth this month, so the environment is full of young ones. We have seen many wobbly legged baby lechwe in the herd that hangs out in front of camp. Our guests loved the antelope and their young and could not get enough of spending time with the youngsters which were always on high alert for new sounds and smells.

Several herds of elephant have been seen with some really young calves wading through the water. On one occasion guests also saw a big male splashing away right in front of the mokoro.

We had big troops of baboons with some very young ones and very watchful big males around the camp area. Guests were thrilled with these active primates as they jumped from tree top to tree top picking all kinds of edible fruits and flowers. The vervet monkeys have been seen mostly around the camp, and we got to see females with young clinging to their bellies. They foraged in front of the camp for termites, and later went up into the fig trees to rest and look for shade. 

Birds and Birding
Following the rains, we experienced an irruption of termites or winged alates which caused all kinds of excitement in the animal kingdom, ranging from catfish jumping out of the water after them to a variety of birds unleashing aerial assaults on the abundant protein source.

Wattled cranes are always spectacular to see and we enjoyed a number of good sightings of them this month. Waterbirds had a great time this month with the expanded surface water and we enjoyed sightings of herons, darters, ducks and geese – not to mention many species of eagles and other raptors.

Southern ground-hornbills have been seen close to the airstrip, walking through the tall grass searching for an edible meal. Some of our guests were fortunate enough to see Pel’s fishing-owl from the mokoro!

Guest Comments
“So awesome to experience the Delta at such a special camp, with friendly and knowledgeable staff and unique activities. Thank you.” 

“We had a wonderful time here. Excellent guide and very delicious food. Thank you very much.”

“Many thanks for the wonderful hospitality. Really enjoyed our time looking for lions with Moruti, it was a great way to spend Christmas - unforgettable.”

Staff in Camp
Managers: André Erasmus and Lené Stopworth Guides: Moruti Maipelo, Tshenelo Mahongo and Mokgosi Dichaba


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