Jacana Camp - December 2017

Dec 27, 2017 Jacana Camp
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Climate and Landscape
The last month of the year arrived and we celebrated Christmas and New Year in style at Jacana Camp, decorating a natural Christmas tree. The temperatures were still high and we experienced wonderful hot summer days with the occasional cooling breeze. The rains finally came and hopefully the temperatures will cool down soon.

Sundowners are extra beautiful at this time of year with the formation of the rain clouds and the sun splashing them with vivid light.

All night long we are astonished by the incredible ringing call of the bell frogs – so miniature in size but the loudest in voice.

We saw a 1.6 metre crocodile in camp under the pilot’s tent one morning, but he moved away back to the water when he noticed us watching him.

We had numerous sightings of elusive sitatunga, and our guests were fortunate to see a wild dog kill and also enjoyed seeing the lions.

A Pel’s fishing-owl was spotted in the tree right above the main area in camp on the island, close to the staff village.

Camp Activities
All through the month Jacana had the privilege of sharing our unique Okavango Delta cultural experiences, boat cruises and mokoro activities, regardless of the low water levels.

We are in the unique position of offering the possibility of seeing area-specific game and birds, and beautiful night drives around the area are possible at this time of year.

We celebrated Christmas in the boma with a tasty cocktail, and combined a memorable meal with wonderful stories around the fire. Crackers were pulled at the dinner table, to the great merriment of all.

Staff in Camp
Managers: Kebafe Lejahe, Reuben Lesole

Guides:Bolatotswe “Bee” Makgetho and Tshenolo TH Mahongo

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