Jacana Camp – May 2015

May 1, 2015 Jacana Camp
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Climate and Landscape
May brought quite chilly the mornings to Jacana with the accompaniment of an easterly wind in the early mornings. The days were warm without a cloud in the sky, making for amazing sunrises and sunsets. The Delta waters seem to have begun to recede.

Our own Jacana Island, as well as the surrounding islands, creates a unique and enchanting panorama for any safari-goer keen to explore and enjoy. The calming waters and soothing sounds of nature that envelop this special place offer all who visit a most enjoyable Okavango experience.
Beautiful sunsets at Jacana Camp, Okavango Delta, Botswana

Elephant have been showing off their love for water in and around Jacana this month, crossing to and from all the islands around Jacana, allowing our guests fantastic opportunities to view them bathing and cooling off whilst on water-based activities. Their silhouettes have also made for great photography whilst crossing the channels.

Our sycamore fig trees are loaded with fruit at the moment, attracting all sorts of wildlife – we particularly enjoyed the return of the African green-pigeons every afternoon as they flocked together just before sunset to roost in the big fig that adorns our boat jetty.

The Pel’s fishing-owl has also been a huge attraction for all our keen birders and rounds out the morning chorus with its deep call.

A fortunate few found themselves in the right time and right place to spot a magnificent male leopard during their morning game drive and on a few quiet evenings the stories around the camp fire were abruptly muted by the bellowing territorial roars of the resident pride of lion.

Guest comments
“We had a wonderful stay. The sunsets, the full moon for three nights in a row, the music provided by the birds and frogs.”
“Fabulous, beautiful experience and fantastic welcoming staff!”
A tremendous, peaceful, enchanting water based experience, our first safari to remember forever! Thanks to the wonderful staff and guides!”

Staff in Camp
Managers – Paul Schofield and Tania Weitsz arrived at Jacana as the new camp managers. Charl Bergh, who was relieving, will move on to Tubu Tree.
Guides – Tshenolo Mahonga (TH) and Kenielwe Tshonganyetso (Kenny) were on duty for the month of May, both showered with praise from our appreciative guests for their wide knowledge and impeccable service.

All in all, the Jacana experience is a warm and welcoming one, where guests come to relax and have a true African safari.

Best wishes from the Jacana Team

Jacana Camp, Okavango Delta, Botswana

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