Kalahari Plains Camp - December 2017

Dec 20, 2017 Kalahari Plains Camp
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Climate and Landscape
Being summer the temperatures were very high, especially around midday when the mercury topped 45° Celsius. In the late afternoons after 6 pm the temperature dropped down to a comfortable 16° C or so. However, the rains are late this summer.

Our Kalahari sunsets are different each day and because of the cloud build-up we have had some spectacular evenings. It seems many guests don’t want to miss a single one while they are here, often saying they have created memories for a lifetime.

December produced reasonable game viewing, despite the lack of rain and the animals tending to remain up on the ridges where there are still some melons and grass shoots on which to graze. Heading west of Kalahari Plains to Deception Valley the game viewing was better, and springbok, kudu, giraffe and oryx were seen. Cheetah and lion were also sighted in this area. Scorpions and snakes were seen around the camp.

Birds and Birding

Summer visitors and migrants were seen in abundance and included storks, kites, cuckoos and some shrikes; essentially, bird viewing was excellent in the Kalahari this month. Many raptors were also seen because of the huge numbers of queleas in the area.

Camp Activities
The Kalahari is well known for the Bushman people’s rich culture and every guest coming to Kalahari Plains wishes to be here on a Monday so as to enjoy the local family’s traditional singing and dancing, together with the rest of the staff. However, we do also set up special cultural encounters at the request of our guests in camp.

The skies were not as favourable for star gazing this month due to the cloud formations at this time of year.

Staff in Camp
Managers: Priscillah, Kay, Wame, Rose
Guides: Kabo, Tiso, Andy, Tsholo

Newsletter compiled by Teko Tiso

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