Kalahari Plains Camp - February 2018

Feb 14, 2018 Kalahari Plains Camp
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Climate and Landscape
Summer in Kalahari has been hot with temperatures averaging between 38 and 40° Celsius. The rains arrived late in February, but already the landscape has changed vastly in these last weeks of the month.

Game viewing was something of a challenge due to the late rains; from the beginning of the month through to mid-month and our first rains, the landscape changed dramatically though we did see wildebeest, giraffe and some summer avian visitors.

In addition, red hartebeest were sighted around Kalahari Plains and heading down to Deception Valley we saw hundreds of oryx and springbok.

The local Plains Pride was also around, though they disappeared for a week or two in between.

Birds and Birding
Our commonly-seen birds around camp – kori bustards, southern pale chanting goshawks and secretarybirds – have not disappointed, even now with all the summer migrants around.

These visitors currently include red-backed shrikes, Abdim’s storks, yellow-billed kites and grey-backed shrikes… yes, birding is very good at the moment.

Camp Activities
The sunsets in the Kalahari seem to be different to many other places in Africa – they are unique because of the vast open space here. And at this time of year, with the cloud cover, the skies in the afternoon at sunset are really breathtaking, almost as if the sky is on fire. Star-gazing is more of a challenge now though, thanks to the rain clouds.

The Kalahari never ceases to entertain our guests with its rich Bushman culture, from the games played by the Bushman family, to the boma nights and educational Bushman walks. Our local family loves entertaining and it seems every guest leaving Kalahari Plains can’t stop raving about our traditional entertainment and the area’s rich culture.

Staff in Camp
GM: Wax
Managers: Dinny, Wame, Priscilla, Alice
Guides: TK, Kabo, Paul, Andy and Tsholo

Newsletter compiled by TK

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