Kalahari Plains Camp - January 2018

Jan 16, 2018 Kalahari Plains Camp
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Climate and Landscape
The temperatures in the Kalahari were high in January due to the late rains. The clouds promised rain but unfortunately we did not record any during January. Temperatures were high, ranging between 35° and 41° Celsius during the day, though cooling off at night.

Because of the late rains, the general game – oryx, springbok and wildebeest – numbers were fairly low as the animals lingered up on the ridges where there are wild melons, which they utilise as a source of both moisture and food.

Because of the fires that we had in August and September 2017, the grasses are still very short. That was good for finding the predators, and our sightings of lion and cheetah were excellent despite prey being thin on the ground.

Towards the end of the month, we experienced a spate of wildebeest dying around Kalahari Plains; the cause of the deaths is not yet known.

Birds and Birding
Birdlife in the Kalahari is a constant delight, and now that it is summer we see loads of summer migrants including yellow-billed kites, red-backed shrikes, lesser grey shrikes and Abdim’s storks.

Local birds spotted included kori bustards, northern black korhaans, southern pale-chanting goshawks and white-backed vultures, to mention just a few.

Camp Activities
Stunning sunsets in the Kalahari are a regular event, but our star-gazing was affected by the cloud build-up.

The Bushman family never ceases to entertain our guests, whether in camp or sharing the ancient culture on an educational walk.

Staff in Camp
GM: Wax
Managers: Dinny, Wame, Jackie, Archie
Guides: Andy, PG, Paul, TK

Newsletter compiled by TK

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