Kulala Desert Lodge - August 2010

Aug 30, 2010 Kulala Desert Lodge
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As is typical, August was a windy month. On the 10th of the month, there was a huge sand storm caused by winds reaching 92 kilometres per hour at Namib Sky. The guides were forced to return from an excursion to Sossussvlei early because the visibility was reduced to just five metres. They tried again in the afternoon and the visibility was much better but still very dusty. The wind died down completely in the night and the next day dawned clear and beautiful.


Two secretarybirds were seen walking and foraging from the riverbed toward the flat areas around camp.


This month we were privileged to host an extraordinary family. They made the decision to take a year off and travel the world. Gregory and Dana together with their children Alex (13), Emma (12) and the twins Reis and Andrew (10) started their journey in Africa here at Kulala Desert Lodge. During all their travels, Dana is doing home schooling for the kids. For those who are interested, you can follow their adventures on www.6explorers.com. We wish this wonderful family all the best and we hope their journey be truly unforgettable.

Petrus, took his guests on a guided walk through the camp to the gardens which they found very interesting. They were very impressed to see where the spinach they ate the previous evening came from. They left us with some useful gardening tips.

This month, an Explorations group camped out on the Kulala Reserve. The camp was located in the Aub River, which gave them a beautiful sunrise over the mountains and a breathtaking sunset over the dunes. For the more adventurous guests this is a real African experience.

Guest Comments

Dedication to good service shines through at Kulala - useful lessons to take back on service delivery to the law firm I run in London.

From the moment we arrived we were made to feel welcome by all the staff, the camp design was immediately welcoming. All staff made our stay very enjoyable; we just hope that the rest of Namibia can compete with you. Wilhelm was fantastic, a very knowledgeable, caring guide. In many ways it was all of the little touches eg sundowners, a brunch that made the stay so good. We thoroughly enjoyed the singing and dancing. Every aspect of service was wonderful; we will have absolutely no hesitation in recommending the camp / company to everyone back home. If it was not so far, we would arrange a school trip here for our children to have the Namibian experience. All of us would like to thank all of the staff for making this such a wonderful start to our holiday.

Staff in camp

Managers: Dawie and Christa
Assistant Managers: Phillip, Violet, Kobus
Guides: Angula, Albert, Willem, Petrus

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