Kulala Desert Lodge - February 2011

Feb 27, 2011 Kulala Desert Lodge
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The month of February was a month to remember in terms of rain and the beauty that it bought with it. Our world is green - a very rare event - and full of interesting birds, animals and plant species. The Tsauchab River came down six times this month in full flood. The most spectacular of these came on 8 February when it came with a roar ran about 400m wide covering the waterhole and most of the opposite bank across from Kulala.

Flora and fauna

The wide variety of bird species we are seeing at the moment include Egyptian Geese flying by, lapwings calling after dark, Lark-like Buntings, Rock Martins and Mountain Wheatears to name a few. There are a lot of young springbok around the reserve and some of our guests have also seen Ostrich chicks.
At night, a small white flower comes out colloquially called "desert perfume". It has a lovely sweet smell that permeates everywhere - nature is even providing us with its own perfume in this abundant time!
A member of staff caught and ringed his first Pied Crow, his athletic skills were challenged because the crow was completely wet and couldn't fly and was scuttling all over the ground. We've even seen the "white lady of the south", our leucistic (gemsbok) oryx etched against green grass on the side of one of the surrounding mountains.

Guest feedback

"There are many memories! Sitting on the deck watching sunset and seeing all the colours and the concern of the staff when we went out walking far longer than they expected. Seeing an Eagle owl, many butterflies and springbok in the blooming desert"

"The whole stay was superb. The view from the terrace was beautiful, whilst enjoying a sundowner drink. The rooms are all peaceful and private. Staff are attentive but inobtrusive"

Staff in Camp

Managers: Dawie and Christa
Assistant managers: Violet, Kobus
Food and Beverage Manager: Phillip
Relief Manager: Lona
Guides: Angula, Petrus, Jaos, George, Willem, Teek

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