Kulala Desert Lodge - January 2011

Feb 13, 2011 Kulala Desert Lodge
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The year started off with a bang! On 5 January we had a huge storm with very strong winds and great sheets of rain amounting to 43mm in about 20 minutes. Our brand new carpark got ripped apart and we had other minor damage, but that couldn't lower our spirits. The rain was lovely, everything felt refreshed and clean.

We were expecting a big group that day, but the Aub River was flowing so they couldn't cross it. After hard work, getting stuck and wet, Dawie, Kobus and the mechanics team managed to get the guests to camp at around 21h00. They were in very good spirits on arrival and enjoyed the unexpected in the Namib Desert.

For the rest of January we had a couple of really hot days with cloudy cool days in between and more showers as well.

The Namib is taking on a green colour and is changing daily with the last rain falling over the weekend of 22 January. The Tsauchab River came down on Saturday morning and was flowing until Sunday morning. Unfortunately the water did not make it into the Dead Vlei.

On one particularly hot morning that we encountered, a brown hyaena was found sitting in the waterhole. He was obviously just as hot as we were!

Due to the incredible amount of rain, green grass has sprouted and attracted the springbok. They were so busy eating during the month that it was rare to see one with its head up. Insect numbers have also increased, which in turn attracts the reptiles. An agama engrossed us this month as he perched on a twig by the road.

Guest Comments
"The best omelette in Namibia was had right here at Kulala Desert Lodge! The staff were very friendly and smiling!"

"The staff are very friendly and helpful."

Staff in Camp
Managers: Dawie, Christa
Assistant Managers: Violet, Kobus
Food and Beverage Manager: Phillip
Relief Manager: Lona
Guides: Angula, Petrus, Jaos, George, Willem, Teek

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