Kulala Desert Lodge - November 2010

Nov 23, 2010 Kulala Desert Lodge
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We've had our first rains! This was certainly well received with some of our staff dancing up and down and the management team enjoying the cool veranda. Kulala Desert Lodge looks out onto the Naukluft National Park border and it seems that the rain concentrated more on the dunes, turning them into a dark maroon colour, than on our reserve. One of the guides reported there was even a river running in front of Dune 45. When the rain let up, the clouds played over the dunes, leaving us awed by the colours this created.

The animals are very thin and emaciated, in their desperation for rain they are keeping to the small area around the river for nourishment.

We've had a couple of special sightings this month with an aardwolf seen near the road from the lodge to the airstrip. This caused great excitement. Another unexpected visitor, arriving with no booking or voucher, perched itself on one of the cross poles in the roof of the restaurant. The genet was obviously not impressed by the dinner buffet and after posing for a few photos, he disappeared into the night.

Camp News
Ramona and Daphne came to visit the southern Namibia camps to discuss some HR matters and have meetings at the lodges. Serious and work-driven during the day, they certainly showed us how to let our hair down in the evening.

Vegetable Garden
Our veggie garden has literally been growing stronger and stronger by the day. We have been using spinach, carrots, baby marrows, tomatoes, celery and beetroot from the garden at some of our meals. Philip is doing a very good job by always keeping an eye on what is going on the garden and has now also planted potatoes. The herb garden is also looking beautiful. What a feeling to be able to tell our guests that the veggies come straight from our own garden!

Our photo shows that Kulala's veggie garden can turn even a Herero into a vegetarian!

Guest Comments
"A beautiful aesthetic place with a very kind and attentive staff"
"All the team is fantastic and warm. We can feel a good working atmosphere resulting in an excellent customer experience"

Staff in Camp
Managers: Dawie and Christa
Assistant managers: Phillip, Violet, Kobus
Guides: Angula, Albert, Petrus, Willem

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