Kulala Desert Lodge - October 2010

Oct 24, 2010 Kulala Desert Lodge
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This month the weather has given us a little bit of everything; mist surprising us first thing in the morning, howling winds, a sandstorm that has been claimed by some locals to be the worst they have seen, extremely cold nights and of course, scorching hot days.

One of the regular visits to the camps waterhole is an gemsbok (oryx) with no horns; this time we were lucky enough to get a snap of him.

Kobus caught a Namib sand snake in one of the staff rooms. The snake is completely harmless, part of the Psammophis family and a very common resident to the area.

The termites have been at work around the camp and we regularly see them carrying dry grass into their holes.

Camp News
Kulala Desert Lodge is happy to announce that four new rooms have been built and completed and are now ready for occupation. The team did a fantastic job and completed the task at hand in very adverse circumstances and in record time.

We are also now the proud owners of eight quadbikes. This new activity on the Kulala Wilderness Reserve will allow guides to take guests into the mountains and down to the riverbed in the hope of catching sight of some of the fascinating desert-adapted wildlife. The educational drive will also show off our magnificent landscape while capturing some of the interesting facts of the flora and fauna and fragile desert environment.

The Kulala Choir would like to thank Jannie Coetzee at Namchem for the lovely t-shirts which they have received. The choir performs to our guests every second night and on special occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries. Their beautiful singing, along with the catchy African rhythms, has most guests singing and dancing along with them making for some wonderful evenings.

Guest comments
"Highlights were the exquisite setting and being able to sit on the balconies and enjoy the magnificent view of the red sand dunes."

"Our stay over all was an excellent, first introduction to our two week trip to Namibia. We felt the lodge fitted seamlessly into the landscape - well done. The friendly, efficient staff added to the experience of the camp. We are glad that our holiday supports the employment for Namibian people."

"A very professional undertaking indeed. Excellent location and surroundings, helpful and welcoming staff and first class hospitality. If we get the chance, we'd love to return."

Staff in camp
Managers: Dawie and Christa
Assistant Managers: Phillip, Kobus, Violet
Guides: Angula, Albert, Petrus, Willem

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