Kwetsani Camp - August 2017

Sep 18, 2017 Kwetsani Camp
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Climate and Landscape
The winter chill has passed and the days are warming up pretty fast here at Kwetsani. Morning temperatures dropped to as low as 4° Celsius, but climbed to 35° C by midday. Not a single cloud was seen this month and the air is dry now that the water levels have receded. It does cool down considerably at night and it is quite pleasant to eat dinner indoors. With the heat coming in, we have seen a few mosquitoes but nothing that bothers us.

In the early parts of the morning when it is still, we hear the lions roar in the distance. We know they are close, and getting closer and closer to camp; they usually spend time nearby for a few months of the year when the water is at its lowest. The cubs are getting big now and very used to us. We spotted them one morning while we were about to cross a bridge and there they were, just relaxing and enjoying the sun on the bridge.

We also had quite a scene this month, with sightings of a female cheetah who might possibly be taking up residence on Hunda Island. She was spotted almost every second day and is very relaxed. Our guests even got to witness her making a red lechwe kill and dragging it away.

The same day the cheetah made a kill we also witnessed a leopard killing a warthog and dragging it up a tree. It was definitely a good day!

The wild dogs were not seen that often; however, they are in and out of the island doing their rounds and running through.

Birds and Birding
Crested barbets have been all around camp and keeping guests entertained during lunch; they are fondly referred to by the Kwetsani team as the checkers bird!

A scops-owl has also been seen and heard on the sausage tree above the main area. Southern ground-hornbills are heard calling and seen out in the open floodplains.

Black egrets were seen on Hunda trying to catch some lunch while malachite and pied kingfishers were seen throughout the channels catching fish and making kills.

Camp Activities
Guests enjoyed their sundowners out in the bush; we also surprised them with a few bush dinners and bush brunches.

While the bush surprises are always amazing, another wow is the helicopter flip, where you are assured of nothing but the best in wildlife and landscapes. One particular flight had us mesmerised; Dennis, our guide, got to join guests for a flip and the guests, along with Dennis, got to see amazing wildlife. Dennis came back with some beautiful pictures of rhinos, and a pride of lions (with tiny cubs) that had just killed a huge giraffe!

Staff in Camp
Managers and guides: Sarika Ramjee, Daniel Myburg, Dennis Smith, Kgaga Kgaga


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