Kwetsani Camp – July 2014

Jul 31, 2014 Kwetsani Camp
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Climate and Landscape
The Delta waters have begun to recede, dropping quite a lot in July. And with the dropping of the water, the temperature also dipped quite markedly. For several days during July the temperature at Kwetsani Camp was below 10° Celsius, ensuring that we kept bundled up with blankets and bush babies (our hot water bottles).

The Kwetsani-Jao lion pride is keeping very well and growing nicely. All the members are all looking fit and healthy. The cubs are learning how to hunt, and we are looking forward to their first kill. But like all cubs they are also very spirited and love playing pouncing games on their moms and dad. Mufasa, their dad, is a beautiful, big male who has lots of time to play with his cubs. Towards the end of every month this family spends time at Kwetsani. They killed a red lechwe at our laundry and needless to say work was delayed until they moved off. Then one night on our way to our unit, as we turned around the corner, the one female and five cubs were all lying at the entrance of our tent! Again we had to wait for them to move before we could go to bed…

In the meantime though, there is another small pride that is frequenting Hunda Island. This pride consists of two males, two females and two cubs of about eight months old. It will be interesting to see how the lion numbers increase in the Jao Concession.

We had more tragic leopard drama on Hunda with yet another leopard cub being killed by a rival female. What we did not expect was leopard cannibalism – however, after some research, it is not as rare an occurrence as initially thought.

One of the best African night sounds is the laugh of the hyaena. We have seen and heard them several times this month.

Buffalo and elephant have been common sightings as well as giraffe, zebra and wildebeest – having these animals dot the landscape changes our whole view – what would Africa be without them?

Birds and Birding
Kwetsani is a birder’s paradise – we get to see so many different birds colouring the skies and trees; their calls are pure music to our ears!

We managed to get a photo of what we think are African darter chicks without their feathers – really cute. It is going to be interesting to see how these chicks grow.

Guest Comments
Great guide, felt like a small family run place and very warm staff. Really liked the small touches like waiting for us with towels when we got home. And amazing wildlife!

Lion pride kill (buffalo), hippo yawns, bull elephant close encounters, Dennis’s love of Kwetsani cookies, Dan and Charmaine’s stories, Monday night song and dance and meal. Sunrises, amazing tents!

People were all so friendly. Dan and Charmaine made us very welcome. Food was delicious and hot chocolate with Amarula was a welcome treat. Sightings were so memorable especially lions (Mufasa and the cubs are our favourite) and the elephants crossing were our best. Loved the sunsets and sunrises.

Camp News
All three of our Kwetsani guides, Dennis Smith, Moyo Kapinga and Rasta Taetso, did an outstanding job of guiding guests this month.

Kwetsani Managers – Dan and Charmaine Myburg

Kwetsani Camp Mosaic

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Michael Orwin  Aug 26, 2014

So happy to see that the 5 cubs are still thriving. We saw them in April when it was thought there were 6 had been reported but only 5 appeared. Looking forward to making their acquaintance again in September!