Kwetsani Camp – May 2014

May 31, 2014 Kwetsani Camp
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Climate and Landscape
What a wonderful winter we are having at Kwetsani Camp, I must say, as we have had only cool temperatures with a very pleasant breeze that is always welcomed by guests having brunch. The temperature has been consistently in the mid-20s Celsius, no warmer, no cooler, just absolutely perfect. There have been a few fleece-wearing mornings, but winter is more than welcome to knock on Kwetsani’s door. Not a drop of rain was experienced this month.

The excitement of the wildlife experiences enjoyed by guests is apparent on their faces as soon as they get off the vehicle. It always makes our day to see how people appreciate the Okavango Delta!

There have been some wonderful sightings of the lions and their cubs, which are growing at very rapid rate. They are going to be magnificent when fully grown. Sightings have varied from kills to relaxing Sunday afternoon naps.

On Hunda Island, guests had the privilege of viewing the female leopard with her cub – which is also learning a lot from her mother and growing very fast.

There have been two occurrences where guests have been able to view giraffe giving birth. So special to view how the little one struggles to its feet. It is always amazing to see how life begins – whether tall or short.

Slowly, but surely the elephant are starting to make their presence felt, from big breeding herds to lonesome bulls looking for the ladies. Travelling to Hunda through the channels, there have been some amazing sightings of hippo either playing or fighting. Even the odd crocodile has shown its face every now and then.

There was a great sighting of a Mozambique spitting cobra making its way down the water channel. Speaking of snakes, our guests were able to witness fight night between a cobra and mongoose with a TKO win for the little banded mongoose. Guests experienced a tough and very long fight between these strong contenders for the Kwetsani Title.

At Kwetsani Camp we have also had incredibly lovely sightings right from the front deck. Every morning the guests are greeted by hundreds of red lechwe grazing peacefully on the floodplain out front. We even saw a big hippo bull grazing on the floodplain. Absolutely wonderful!

Baboons have also been spotted scavenging around the camp to see what is for lunch, but they are chased off by the ferocious banded mongoose clan – the guardians of Kwetsani. The vervet monkeys, as usual are very curious to see why people are sitting around a table, laughing and eating so much food.

Kwetsani has some new neighbours – a wonderful family of five warthog which always tries to be on time to wish the guests “good luck” on their game drive… and then cannot understand why the vehicle stops next to them, with the guests staring and taking pictures!

Birds and Birding
The birdlife has been extraordinary in the Delta this month – from Burchell’s starlings waking everyone up to the Cape turtle doves who seem to be completely confused about the time, calling at 21:00 in the evening. The arrow-marked babblers have also made their presence known with their usual huge ruckus. We have also seen two beautiful African fish-eagles flying over the camp every day. We believe that they might have a nest close by. Saddle-billed storks make their way across in the floodplains in front of the camp, constantly looking for something to eat. On one particular day, while enjoying high tea, guests saw five wattled cranes fly by – as if to check whether we had noticed them.

Guest Comments
•    Thank you for everything! All the stories were the BEST!
•    Thank you for these 3 wonderful days!
•    This was a wonderful holiday! Everyone was gracious and kind.
•    Thanks for all the laughter, Dennis. You are awesome!

Staff in Camp
Managers: Henk Truter and Marelize van Rensburg
Guides: Rasta Taetso and Moya Kapinga


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