Kwetsani Camp - November 2013

Nov 25, 2013 Kwetsani Camp
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Weather and Landscape
Thunder and lightning across our concession threatened a downpour on some days and on others it drenched the landscape, giving us a total of 62mm of rain for November. With the inundation really low, the channel between Kwetsani and Hunda has been almost non-existent. Nevertheless we managed to cross the channel on mud buddies to have some really spectacular game viewing.

The desire to see predators is on the wish list of most guests and November did not let them down. We watched many attempted kills by predators, or predators on a kill, or found predators lying around having just eaten. This month seemed to be a feasting time for the lions, leopards and hyaenas.

We have had several clear sightings of the six week old lion cubs, but none yet of the three week old cubs. The cubs remind us of domestic cats as they love to play with mom’s tail when she flicks it back and forth. Of course this is teaching them techniques of hunting which they will need one to day to support the pride.

This time of the year is when many animals are giving birth. The landscape is green and abounds with new life everywhere. Seeing the young ones makes all the guests oooh and aaah!

The elephants, for the most part, are slowly starting to move north, which they do at this time every year, leaving us with only one or two bulls that we will be seeing come December. However, large herds of elephants and newborns were seen throughout November and even though we see them almost daily they are still a highlight for us in camp.

Monitors lizards have been all around camp, no doubt feeding on the bird chicks that are also being born at this time of the year. This of course is much to the distress of the birds, who dive bomb them, alas to no avail though.

Birds and Birding
All sorts of birds have appeared again this month. We have seen the African paradise flycatcher, lilac-breasted roller, broad-billed roller, southern-carmine bee-eaters, little bee-eaters, woodland kingfisher, giant eagle-owl, barred owl – the list goes on and on.

One of the things we really love about summer is that the air is all a twitter with birds of every colour and species, all busy collecting food for their chicks.

Guest Comments
The Kwetsani team, Dan and Charmaine, MT and Dum were just great. Having Dan as a photo expert, always available for photo advice was amazing. Excellent sightseeing (lions, leopards, hyaena pups, elephant herds).”

“Basket weaving lessons and community dinner were lovely. Wonderful hospitality with great sense of caring about guests. Super wildlife viewing”.

“Tracking two female lions on an unsuccessful kill. Tracking a female leopard and watching it for 1.5 hours. Watching a male lion devour an antelope (big one), game drives and the wonderful scenery. Charmaine and Dan are truly committed to making everyone’s experience exceed expectations”.

Staff in Camp
Managers: Dan and Charmaine Myburg
Guides: Moengotsile Malebogo and Bee Ndozi


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