Kwetsani Camp - September 2013

Sep 18, 2013 Kwetsani Camp
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Weather and Landscape
The weather at Kwetsani has been a roller coaster of wind and cloud build-up, as everyone awaits the great rains that the skies will surely bring. It is heating up gradually as humans and animals alike congregate at the various waterholes and pools.

The wildlife encounters have been breathtaking. We had a male lion and two heavily pregnant females roar and play at first light one morning making sure that everyone knows who the real King of the Delta is. The same male lion has been making Kwetsani his stomping ground with tracks moving up and down between the kitchen and guest tents. These tawny masters have also been keeping the red lechwe population under control, with weekly feasts served for three under the closest tree available.

The elephants have also decided that the camp is far more attractive than anything else on offer, with a breeding herd of 15 often hanging around Tents 1 and 5. This herd was very closely followed by two very big bulls and a young adolescent male with a finely nipped right ear. This young male proved to be quite the character as he had the habit of sleeping under the walkways, often snoring away.

The floodplain in front of camp also offered beautiful sightings of big herds of lechwe, hyaena loping from one end to the other or just lazing in the spring sunlight. Baboons also moved in to take up permanent residence and roosting rights in the big marula and sausage trees.

We also had guests that were true adventurists, spending one night in our Jao Hide overlooking the beautiful floodplains. There was ample sparkling wine enjoyed and finished off with a splash of Amarula and a last story around the fire before retiring to their platform in the sky. They awoke the next morning with the sun slowly rising and the sounds of Africa in their hearts, truly understanding the love for the simple things this beautiful country has to offer. Once back in camp, they were awarded a certificate for bravery and a Kwetsani salute given only to the bravest of brave!

Birds and Birding
The highlight was a juvenile Verreaux's eagle-owl screeching and calling in camp offering beautiful photographic opportunities to everyone that was wanting to lift a lens in his direction.

There was also an abundance of pink-backed pelicans with a sighting of 26 flying in formation over camp onwards to a local fishing spot.

African paradise fly-catchers have been flicking and darting from one tree to the next, the males amazing us with their long-tailed beauty.

Malachite kingfishers were the crown jewels of every mokoro trip, with African fish-eagles and African purple swamphens adding some more colour to the serene experience.

Guest Comments
Water Activities – all are spectacular, great sized camp. Friendly and happy staff and very welcoming game drives.”

“Wildlife sightings and explanations and the knowledge of the guides were exceptional. Same for hospitality and friendliness of the guides and staff. Great idea to have managers sit for all meals!”

“GT-we loved his gentle way layered with extreme enthusiasm. He is an excellent guide! Viewing lions was great. Management team is terrific.”

Staff in Camp
Managers: Neuman Vasco and Rauve Vermaak
Guides: Florence Kagiso and GT Sarepito

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