Linkwasha Camp - April 2017

Jun 19, 2017 Linkwasha Camp
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Once again hats off to Ngamo Plains for continually offering us wonderful game viewing. This year, the heavens blessed us with plenty of rain, fuelling the growth of the tall bluegrass and yellow thatching grass that dominate most of the concession, often limiting visibility from the vehicles. However, through the tall grass, sudden bursts of buffalo herds were still seen. And Ngamo Plains relentlessly boasted excellent sightings with plains game enjoying the nutritious and resilient couch grass that dominates the plains. 

As usual predator presence was conspicuous with both lion and cheetah taking turns to pluck off the least vigilant of the grazers. 

Hyaena were prominent in and around camp, much to the dismay of the dominant Ngamo male lion pair, who arrived one night to teach the hyaenas a lesson in camp. One hyaena received a fatal blow as the lions forced the intruders away from their territory.

One lioness has slowly been introducing her young cubs to the outdoors, though they are still very timid and we have only caught glimpses of them. 

Birds and Birding

With winter slowly creeping in, most of the migrants have moved away to the warm tropics, though there are always a few late leavers or a few undecided individuals – we recently saw a carmine bee-eater and a white stork, though we are not sure if they would like to taste a Hwange winter! 

On the other hand, the good news for our residents is the seasonal pools are getting shallower and so it’s easier to catch entrapped fish, with many different species crowding around together to make the most of it. 

The owls and the big raptors were quite vocal and some were seen in impressive aerial displays. We are also seeing more of them in pairs, a sure sign of nesting season! 

Guest Comments
“A complete bush experience and an absolutely beautiful camp!”
“It was truly a gem of Africa!”
“The best of the best, absolutely wonderful experience!” 

Staff in Camp
Camp Managers: Jeremy Claringbold, Joe Hanly
Managers: Avias Ncube, Cynthia Ndiweni, Yeukai Chihambakwe, Bridget Mack
Pro Guides: Joshua Magaya, Tendayi Ketayi
Learner Guides: Livingstone Sana, Eustace Mativire, Garikai Bvumbi, Lovemore Nauwakhe

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