Linkwasha Camp - December 2017

Dec 28, 2017 Linkwasha Camp
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Climate and Landscape
Our area’s more-than-welcome summer rains created the perfect backdrop for the circle of life to unfold. “Green Season” saw lush vegetation and new life emerge in abundance, with waddling young antelope easily spotted in the herds, providing an easy target for predators. We saw how two baby impala served as mere snacks for each of the two cheetah brothers. Happily, many new babies quickly adapted to these trials of nature and survived.

Other amazing sightings included a pregnant kudu succumbing to a frightful end wrought by a pack of 15 ravenous wild dogs; on a happier note, a family of guests watched a brand-new baby wildebeest take its first breaths. Makalolo Pan is currently a refuge for a lioness and her two week-old cubs, while a cheetah and her two remaining cubs were seen at Mbiza.

More superb encounters included a brown hyaena seen twice near Ngamo while spontaneous action took place right on our doorstep with the pack of wild dog killing an impala in camp early one morning.

One cool evening after guests had retired to their tents, the two cheetah brothers were seen relaxing in the grass behind the kitchen. On another occasion a leopard killed a steenbok close by.

The waterhole in front of camp entertained a coalition of waterbuck, impala and a lonesome wildebeest by day. Here Egyptian geese lingered at the water’s edge whilst masses of yellow-billed kites surfed the thermals, soaring like the temperatures.

In the last light of day a pair of spoonbills were regularly seen scooping out supper before the elephants moved in, splashing in the ankle-deep water.

Birds and Birding
This month we were able to witness the classic action of parasitism between resident arrow-marked babblers and their brood parasite ‘enemies’, the Levaillant's cuckoos when an empty, misshapen teal-coloured egg was found below a babbler’s nest, and clearly a replacement had been placed in the nest. We were left to wonder at the way that nature works…

December was certainly a festive conclusion to yet another fantastic wildlife year showing lots of promise for 2018.

Guest Comments
“Trip of a lifetime! A truly magical experience!”
“An outstanding experience both in terms of hospitality and safari!”

Staff in Camp
Camp Managers: Jeremy Claringbold and Joe Hanly
Managers: Yeukai Chihambakwe, Avias Ncube and Bridget Mack
Pro Guides: Joshua Magaya and Tendayi Ketayi

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