Linkwasha Camp - June 2017

Jun 6, 2017 Linkwasha Camp
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Climate and Landscape
A drier landscape, prompted by a shift in the weather as winter set in, meant lots of interesting sightings, not only within the prominent game areas of Linkwasha Plains – but more so from the main deck area of Linkwasha Camp!

A mating lion and lioness became resident near to camp in the month of June, and were often spotted in and around the area.

An increase in the activity of cats throughout the concession was greatly appreciated this month and guests witnessed a number of tense encounters from their vantage point on the main deck, as the resident impala and wildebeest faced off a mother and her four sub-adult cheetah cubs on one occasion, and a single male lion on another.

Although elusive in nature, the number of leopard sightings has drastically risen over the last month or two. Three leopards feeding on an impala in a single viewing on the transfer back from the airstrip was certainly a June highlight for many guests, never mind the guides!

Herds of elephant returned to the Linkwasha Plains in great numbers and matriarchal groups comprising newborn calves were a sunset special as they regularly cooled off and hydrated at Linkwasha’s front pan.

The quest for fresh water supplies encouraged occasional herds of sable, roan and eland to the area and a large group of 150+ buffalo was seen making their way, in orderly single file, to the front pan.

The remarkable game-viewing month that was June came to an impressive close with the highlight being a pack of 11 wild dog feasting on a kill whilst being heckled by some elephants at Ngamo Vlei – but perhaps it was the chance encounter of an aardwolf on a hunt near camp.

The dogs were at it again, when they managed to hunt down an impala, but were left hungry when a lone lioness chased them off their meal in an epic battle.

Birds and Birding
A flock of great white pelicans took up temporary residence in the pan at Ngamo. With water levels slowly receding, the pelicans were catching prolific numbers of fish, and will likely stay there until they need to move on.

With the raptors heading towards breeding time, guests were treated to a spectacular performance as two bateleur eagles locked talons in mid-flight in an aggressive-looking mating display.

On several walks through the teak forest, guests also happened upon the nest of a Verreaux’s eagle-owl protecting its eggs.

Guest Comments
“It’s a little paradise in the bush!”

“You made this the most incredible experiences our family has ever had!”

“This has truly been one of the most amazing trips of our lives! Linkwasha is magic and we can’t wait to come back.”

Staff in Camp
Camp Managers: Jeremy Claringbold, Joe Hanly
Managers: Avias Ncube, Yeukai Chihambakwe, Bridget Mack
Pro Guides: Joshua Magaya, Tendayi Ketayi
Learner Guides: Livingstone Sana, Eustace Mativire, Lovemore Nauwakhe

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