Linyanti Tented Camp - August 2017

Aug 16, 2017 Linyanti Tented Camp
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Climate and Landscape
What an incredible month we had in the Linyanti with the summer heat starting to creep in. The weather was great for our guests out on safari while the beauty of the acacia trees with their lovely flowers only enhanced the experience. At the moment the mopane trees are losing their brownish leaves.

Game viewing became more interesting each day as the waterholes dried up and an enormous concentration of game was seen along the Linyanti River. Many rare species were noted, including sitatunga in the reeds of the Linyanti Marsh.

It took almost two months to see the newcomers to our LTC Pride; every day there were fresh tracks of female lionesses with cubs but we were having no luck with the cubs. Only the mums were spotted while the cubs were hidden in the combretum trees. Finally one of our private guides had a big surprise one morning when he spotted three lion cubs along the river. It is quite interesting to see how fast the cubs are getting used to the game vehicles.

The two males of the pride faced a tough challenge from the three boys from Chobe National Park which are trying their best to take over the area. Injuries have indicated that the LTC Pride has had to fiercely defend their territory.

The elephant herds have proven to guests everything they have read and heard about the elephant huge numbers in Botswana, especially in the Linyanti region.

A pack of 10 wild dogs suspected to originate in Chobe National Park was also seen around the area a couple of times; they have specialised in impala and red lechwe.

A very relaxed female leopard which likes to hang around the camp is also back and was seen often, mostly around her favourite area. In fact we have built a hide in the area and named it for her: Leopard’s Hide.

Birds and Birding
Birding was incredible with many summer migrants like yellow-billed kites and carmine bee-eaters showing up.

It was a particularly interesting month for last-minute bookings from birders keen to see a very rare species of bird that was spotted on the western side of Kings Pool Camp and we had numerous emails flooding in about this super birding special, the Ross’s turaco.

The most amusing part about our experience with this bird was one of the managers in camp becoming confused and thinking it was the name of a very rich Italian gentleman trying to book a safari to Botswana. After seeing the bird she couldn’t believe it because the name sounded like an Italian person to her, not a bird.

Staff in Camp
Managers: Aobakwe Bonno and Dudu Mokgadi

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