Linyanti Tented Camp - October 2017

Oct 10, 2017 Linyanti Tented Camp
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Climate and Landscape
It is always a great privilege to witness our magnificent Kalahari sunsets and watch the stunning night skies.

Kalahari Plains lived up to its reputation for predators, our local prides in particular dominating the scene.

We were very privileged to observe the two dominant males of our area, the Owens Boys, coming to the new waterhole to drink  on a regular basis, and as the sun went down we would hear them roaring as they patrolled their territory.

Our new waterhole, which is little closer to the camp, has already produced some magical moments including a sighting of the Bushman Hut Pride, which consists of two adult females, two sub-adult females and one sub-adult male (who seems to be a little skittish).

Another amazing sighting was seeing them, together with the Plains Pride (three adult females and six juveniles), being joined by the Owens Boys. Instead of drinking at the main waterhole they decided to come right into camp and drink from the birdbath. This magnificent sighting was on the 25th, the day we reopened the camp… wow, what a welcome for our first guests!

On the general game front we saw fewer gemsbok (oryx) and springbok. They are known to congregate in big numbers in the open areas but may have become disoriented by the veld fires. However, with the few drops of rain we had mid-month, great changes have already taken place in the environment and it’s looking very green as palatable fresh grasses are now shooting upwards in their preferred areas. We are sure they will show up in numbers soon.

Birds and Birding
Birdlife was phenomenal with some of the migratory species including Palearctic and non-Palearctic species sighted in the area. Kites, bee-eaters and vultures were regularly seen soaring overhead during the hot hours of the day while on other days they were seen congregating at the waterhole to cool themselves down. Kori bustards and secretarybirds were sighted stalking through and foraging in the grasslands.

Camp News
Due to veld fires that erupted all over the Central Kalahari Game Reserve earlier in the year, Kalahari Plains Camp was closed for almost two months, mainly to deal with the fires. We kept ourselves busy with camp refurbishment though, and the airstrip was also rebuilt and is now in tip-top condition.

Best wishes from the team on the ground…

GM: Wax

Managers: Dinny, Priscillah, Wame, Jackie, Archie

Guides: Andy, PG, Niq

Compiled By Kabo

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