Little Makalolo – February 2014

Feb 28, 2014 Little Makalolo
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Weather and Landscape
The flowering teak trees are providing a splash of colour to the lush green canopy while sticky purple cleome and hibiscus are flourishing in the undergrowth. Water levels in the pans are still good although we did not receive much rain; water levels in some of our natural pans maintained their levels, mainly the three pans by the old hyaena den area.

Temperatures were moderate, making it comfortable for guests. On the days it rained our guests had to ‘rough it’ – and they loved it! Activities in the rain can be fun, especially when it is not pouring heavily. Thunderstorms and lightning were the norm every time it rained. We received 131 mm of rain with the highest being 36 mm in one day; the highest temperature was 35° Celsius and the lowest 11°.

Elephants dominated sightings around camp and the concession while two sightings of oryx (gemsbok) added spice to our top sightings of the month – one at Scott’s Pan and the other at Kennedy 2. Cat sightings around camp were also good with leopard spotted at the camp, and cheetah and lion visiting on a number of occasions.

The Ngamo Plains and Ngweshla areas were very active and guests regularly requested a visit to these areas. Herds of wildebeest, eland, zebra, impala and several towers of giraffe provided great sightings on the drive to Ngamo.

Wildlife sightings for the month of Jan 2014
Lion 51%; eland 48%; Cape buffalo 58%; elephant 77%; giraffe 81%; zebra 81%; wildebeest 81%

Birds and Birding
A water bird census was run from 14-19 February. In total 14 water bodies were covered, three of these being natural pans. The census is part of the annual Birdlife Zimbabwe waterfowl census. 37 species of birds were seen with three special sightings, viz. dwarf bitten, a grey crowned crane nest and a blacksmith lapwing nest.

Guest Comments
Walking guide, Elias was wonderful. His knowledge and concern for the environment, animals were superb. He is truly a gifted guide.

Thank you. The sightings were expected but staff and camp was an exceptional surprise.”

A magical stay. Thank you all so much for making it such a joy.”

Staff in Camp
Managers: Everard, Charles
Trainee Manager: Avias
Guides:  Charles, Douglas and Robert
Housekeeping: Pagiwa, Angel, Artwell, Rambo
Maintenance: Samson, Dumisani, Norman, Thulani
Waiters: Seliot, Andrew, JB,  
Kitchen: Shepard, Innocent, Mayisa, Nathan, Benedict


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