Little Makalolo - June 2013

Jul 31, 2013 Little Makalolo
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Vegetation & Water
Predators like lions are finding it easier to hunt because of the rusty grass, which is giving them very effective camouflage. A lot of elephants are frequenting the waterholes since all the natural pans have dried up and this is having a heavy impact on the trees around the waterhole areas.

Climate & Temperature
The month of June has been rather chilly with the lowest temperature being 0.2 degrees Celsius but we will be expecting lower temperatures in the months to come. The hot water bottles in the rooms at night and for morning game drives are a hit, making the driving and sleeping parts of the safari comfortable.

The afternoons have been pleasant with temperatures mostly in the upper 20s. As soon as the sun goes down the temperatures drop drastically again and the resident bats look for protection from the cold in the flaps of the tents until the following morning.

Animal Sightings
There has been a hive of activity in the bush especially at the waterhole in front of camp with herd after herd of elephants coming to drink throughout the day. Alarm calls of bat-eared foxes can be heard at night as the leopard drinks from the pan. Vervet monkeys, high up the trees, are the first to give us a warning when lions approach the waterhole.

There was a massive herd of buffalo around camp one evening and even going to the bathroom required an armed guide escort.

At Little Sam Pan, a lion was stalking some buffalo, but missed a kill, emphasising the power in numbers of the buffalo. A group of guests that were in camp just missed a kill of an impala by a cheetah but enjoyed watching it relishing its fresh meal.

Probability sightings for the month
Cape buffalo 67%, elephant 100%, eland 17%, hippo 100%, giraffe 100%, kudu 42%, lion 49%, warthog 43%.

Bird Sightings
Birding has been amazing with the false mopane now in fruit and a wide range of hornbills and parrots including the yellow-billed, red-billed, and Bradfield’s having the time of their life feeding on the seeds.

A dark-chanting goshawk killed a lizard and fed on it right in front of our eyes - survival for the fittest for sure!

In the silence of the night while sitting around the camp fire watching the starry Zimbabwean skies, suddenly a sweet melody could be heard from a short distance and we all wondered what it was. The very rarely seen Verreaux’s eagle-owl honoured us with it its presence.

Guest Comments
“Two leopards in two days! The hide at the waterhole was great fun too. A great experience”. Ken and Pat (USA)

“As our last camp after many, Little Makalolo has exceeded expectations and confirmed we will have to return. Thank you to all of the great staff especially Dickson for providing us with not 1 but 3 leopard sightings, and Vee for her warm hospitality. We hope to see you again in the near future and wish you continued success”. John and Ruth (USA)

“What a great first stay in beautiful and amazing Zimbabwe! Thank you to all the staff and our guide Charles for the wonderful stay. If we are lucky we’ll be back again!” Neil (Canada)

Staff in Camp

Managers: Charles Ndlovu, Vimbai Mandaza (Assistant Manager), Tracy Peacocke (Trainee Manager)
Guides: Dickson, Honest & Robert
Housekeeping: Ernest, Meki, Angel
Maintenance: Pious, Mike, Charles
Waiters: Jabulani, Simon, Tawanda
Kitchen: Shepard, Mayisa, Benedict and Tinaye

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