Little Makalolo - November 2013

Nov 29, 2013 Little Makalolo
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Weather and Landscape
Temperatures have been high throughout the month making siesta almost impossible but ensuring that the plunge pool has been the most visited area for our guests to cool down. About 10mm of rain fell – just enough to contain the dust which intensified almost daily.

The vegetation has thickened regardless of the small amount of rain received, with trees showing signs of life while the grass cover showed signs of desperation for more rain. Game presence around waterholes has dropped though due to the low rainfall received.

Wildlife sightings have increased with the addition of three new cubs to the Linkwasha Pride. The Linkwasha sub adult males are back in the concession again and they have been seen a number of times with their sister.

The feline highlight for the month was the sighting of five young lions trying to bring down a buffalo right in front of the guests. As the lions were quite young and inexperienced, it took them over two hours to kill the buffalo, but this is all part of the learning curve and as time goes by these predators will hone their specialist hunting skills.

The camp waterhole has produced great sightings too, with an abundance of sable visiting the waterhole on a daily basis. A pack of 11 wild dogs also visited the waterhole on occasion.

The low rainfall received this month has caused most of the wildlife to disperse across the entire concession. We have seen this mostly with the elephant and buffalo herds which have split into smaller splinter herds.

General game sightings were abundant and daily sightings included eland, giraffe, impala, baboon and kudu, with the odd roan sighting here and there.

Birds and Birding
The birding has been quite exciting and varied this month as most of the summer migrants have arrived. We have noticed an influx of lesser-spotted eagles, European rollers and lesser-grey shrikes, to mention just a few.

A large flock of around 20 great white pelicans was seen at Scott’s Pan in the middle of the month.

Guest Comments
Everything was just wonderful!”

“Game drives, excellent! Lots to see and well explained. We loved the walking trail and trip to the hide. Themba was such a patient person and guided us really well.”

“My stay was a total pleasure and I would have loved to stay longer.”

Staff in Camp
Managers: Charles, Themba and Buhle
Guides: Themba, Charles, Honest and Robert


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Paula French  Feb 4, 2014

we stayed here in November and had the most amazing time. Our guide Livingstone was great, and hopefully we will return in the not too distant future. Thanks too the staff for our amazing stay.