Little Makalolo - October 2013

Oct 29, 2013 Little Makalolo
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Landscape / Vegetation & Water

The trees on the concession are now green and some grasses are starting to shoot, all because of the little rain showers we have had. The ordeal trees, with their soft and velvet leaves, make for ideal shade for the animals. The flowering of the diospyrous gives the savannah a delicious aroma. There is still pressure around the waterholes with all the animals coming for this finite resource of water. This is always the most difficult month of the year for all the animals as there is barely anything left to feed on.

Climate & Temperatures

The first part of the month was very hot with the highest temperatures recorded being 40 degrees Celsius. We received rains towards the end of the month and after these few drops (11 mm), it became very windy.

Animal Sightings

What a fruitful month it has been as we welcomed new lion cubs onto the concession. We can confirm two tiny cubs that are just few days old. While on game drive activity a lioness was spotted nursing her cubs in the thicket. It was the first and the last time she was seen as she has moved on, possibly to even thicker bush to hide from any danger. On a good day, nine male lions were to be spotted in our area.

Other cats like cheetah were spotted too on the concession. There are three cheetah within the same area, a coalition of two males and a lone male. Who will take charge of the territory is unknown but our guess is that the coalition of two will take charge as the lone male is looking a bit tired and he is missing one of his incisors.

The elusive male leopard was spotted in the heat of the day enjoying his meal. He had killed a steenbok and took it up a wisteria tree. He took his time eating and sharing the shade with elephant; little did they know that he was few metres above them.

Antelope and buffalo are in abundance which is why we have so many predators in the area as they will follow their prey.

Special Animal Sightings

Two gemsbok were a highlight this month as we generally do not see them on this side of Hwange National Park. With the availability of water they couldn’t resist coming to Makalolo Vlei. Guests had a treat as they were able to take beautiful pictures of these stunning creatures.

Guests were also able to see a cheetah and a leopard feeding on a kudu and steenbok respectively.

One evening we were watched hyaena and lion fighting over the carcass of a baby elephant. The hyaena were the winners, ripping the carcass apart and dashing into the water to enjoy their steal.

Probability sightings for the month

Lion 90%, leopard 13%, roan 90%, giraffe 74%, Cape buffalo 87%, side-striped jackal 71%, elephant 100%

Bird Sightings

Yellow-billed kites are nesting and so far, we have seen three nests with eggs. We have also spotted a number of hornbill nests and we were very excited to see the nest of a racket-tailed roller. Credit goes to a group of guests who showed huge interest in birding, specifically in finding the racket-tailed roller. They were rewarded with two pairs of these striking birds.

Guest Comments

“Best food we have had in Africa” – Richard

“Great staff – very helpful and we enjoyed our stay here” – Gustav

“Excellent service from Wilderness Safaris. Robert was an excellent guide – one of the highlights was sitting at the waterhole” - John & Bonnie

“Thank you guys for the effort. Good professional guiding and management” – Fares & Kathi

Staff in Camp
Managers: Themba & Buhle
Asst Manager: Charles
Guides: Themba, Charles, Honest, Robert
Housekeeping: Ernest, Pagiwa, Angel
Maintenance: Pious, Mpindi, Khulumani
Waiters: Jabu, Tawanda, Valani, Pino
Kitchen: Mayisa, Privy, Innocent, Shepard, Benedict


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