Little Ongava - July 2010

Jul 30, 2010 Little Ongava
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We are now at the peak of the winter season. The weather has been variable with the afternoons pleasingly warm with temperatures reaching 25 degrees Celsius and the late evenings as cold as 9 degrees. Some evenings have seen a very cold breeze from the south.

Landscape and Wildlife

The landscape is becoming drier and drier. The aridity of the season is drawing increasing numbers of animals to the waterholes. During this season, large herds of game come walking down to the waterholes in silent, single file - normally at dusk and dawn.

Around the camp the agile and endemic striped tree-squirrel provide constant highlights as we watch them hop about the walk ways and trees. Other small mammals you are guaranteed to see in the lodge area are rock hyrax and dassie rat.
Baboons have visited regularly in the last month. This is unusual at Little Ongava and is probably a result of the dry season. The primates have been seen drinking from the waterhole and then disappearing into the bush.

Ongava is situated in the Ondundozonanandana Mountains. The range is formed from dolomite rocks. There are unusual and interesting volcanic rock formations in these mountains. The picture shows the dolomite rock with traces of iron-oxide which at first glance give the impression bushman paintings.

Guest News

We had diverse guests visiting Little Ongava in July. Some were visiting Namibia for the first time; some were repeat guests and others were travelling here for special occasions.

We leave here with memories of seven lions, three cheetahs, African wild cat, porcupine, rhinos and lots and lots of beautiful plains and different game. Staying here was such a treat. Thanks to Michael, the staff and Gabriel, the best guide ever. We loved it all and will come back again.

The most amazing Lodge, warm and friendly staff, that made us feel so welcome! Beautiful rooms, stunning views, Thank you to all the staff at Little Ongava for an amazing experience.

Managers and Guides

Michael relieved as manager while Florensia was on leave for part of the month.

Gabriel, after years of excellent service has left Little Ongava to embark on a new chapter in his life. We thank him for the great guiding experiences and wish him all the best.

Gabriel will be replaced by Franco Murao. Little Ongava welcomes Franco on board.

Special Events:

Little Ongava has entered the eco-awards for this year. The highest achievement is five desert flowers, previously Little Ongava obtained two. A few improvements have been made since then and we hope to be awarded three flowers this year.

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