Little Ruckomechi - August 2017

Aug 6, 2017 Little Ruckomechi
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Climate and Landscape
From 09:00 each day strong winds picked up, shaking all the trees and causing them to shed their leaves, signalling the coming of a new season at Little Ruckomechi: spring. The temperature rose sharply from 17° Celsius in the morning to 33° C in the late afternoon.

This is the time of year when all the inland pools of water that were trapped during the rainy season disappear, forcing all the animals to move down to the mighty Zambezi River in search of this precious commodity.

The lion could almost be heard praising the creator for their favourite season because most of their prey is stressed and weak due to heat and lack of food. The leopard perfected their stalking skills to get closer to the impala enjoying the flowers of the sausage tree which are currently in blossom, having shed all their leaves. The huge, silent elephant moved behind, sweeping up the fallen foliage from these imposing trees.

The browse line of the eland and kudu is clearly seen in the neat bottoms of the Natal mahogany, which look like mushrooms dotted along the banks of the river, especially when viewed from a river cruise or canoe activity.

Lions, with the appearance of a smile on their faces, could be seen gazing attentively at the area under these trees as they tried to map their way to the numerous species gathered in the green marshy areas of the Zambezi River overflows (which sometimes spreads here when the water level is high). Misses and near misses were witnessed and the lions would go for some days without a kill.

Birds and Birding
We welcomed the arrival of the southern carmine bee-eaters which are currently flocking the banks of the river, mingling with the white-fronted bee-eaters, while the water monitor and yellow-billed kites waited with great anticipation to grab the eggs and the unsuspecting chicks from the parents.

And if the fishing gets boring, just cast in a fishing line and pull your binoculars out to zoom in on the magnificent birds perched on the banks of the river, all the while listening attentively to the bait runner for any bites.


Guests Comments

“We love the landscape, elephants (esp. Boswell) wild dogs, hippos, lions and especially the boat ride.”


“Leopard sightings, porcupine, boat trip with hippos fighting and close encounter with a curious elephant and so many more!”


“Predators; exceptional camp staff; outstanding area of natural beauty.”


Staff in Camp

Camp Manager: Ishmael Nzara Guides: Honest Siyawareva, Engelbert Ndlovu

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