Little Ruckomechi - July 2017

Jul 20, 2017 Little Ruckomechi
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Climate and Vegetation
There is a slow change in leaf colour as our winter comes to a close. The mopane and combretum leaves create a yellow kaleidoscopic colour across the woodlands, while the vertiva has turned beige and some natural weeds and flowers such as cockle bur, purple panwood and wild basil have dried up.

As we are situated in a private concession just outside Mana Pools National Park, in the Zambezi valley, we can proudly state that our area is one of the most pristine wildlife areas in Africa. It has a great diversity of wildlife – which this month’s highlights can attest to. These include good sightings of serval, civet, bushbabies, leopard, lion, buffalo and elephants with their young ones sauntering through camp.

Speaking of camp characters, what a blessing has it been to have Boswell for almost two months in our concession, allowing our guests to see him stand on two legs as he stretches up to pick some of the fruit on the high branches of trees – making him one of the most photographed bull elephants in the country.

Not to be outdone was the pack of four wild dogs which had disappeared for some months and now seem to be back. Other special sightings that featured a lot on our game drives were the honey badgers, genets, eland and lots of plains game.

Bird Sightings
This month has been great for birders with some rare sightings such as African skimmers, dusky lark, bronze-winged, temmincks, and three-banded coursers. Yellow-billed, open-billed, marabou and saddle-billed storks all seemed to embark on a fish-off competition around the natural waterholes that were drying up. This was always dramatic with pirates such as African fish-eagles waiting to snatch away a fish from an unwary stork. In camp we also enjoyed melodies from ash-grey flycatchers, fish-eagles, orange-breasted bush shrikes and woodpeckers drumming on the dead branches in the mahogany trees.

Down on the ground and pecking away at the grass, numbers of spurfowls, quails, queleas and bishops rule this habitat. On Henry’s Channel as the water level rises, many water birds entertain us by catching a ride on the backs of hippos and crocodiles.

Guest Comments
Lions and elephants walking through camp, amazing people – interesting and interested, landscape and animals. And sundowners.

We have been travelling to Africa for the past six years and this has been our best experience to date. Fantastic.

On our last night we took a river tour with Honest and did some fishing. My kids had the time of their lives. Every adventure on safari was truly fantastic. The staff amazing, our guide Honest did a super job. We had a once in a lifetime trip!

Staff in Camp
Trainee Manager:
Ishmael Nzara
Guides: Honest Siyawareva, Engelbert Ndlovu







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