Little Ruckomechi - May 2017

May 31, 2017 Little Ruckomechi
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Climate and Landscape
We felt a bit if a drop in temperatures, which ranged from 18 degrees Celsius at night to 26 during the day.

The vegetation is still very green and jesse woodland is quite thick. There’s a lovely aroma from the boscia flowers, attracting lots of insects especially bees and brown-vein white butterfly. The vertiva grass has been harbouring lots of birds such as bishops, queleas and coucals as well as smaller carnivores like large grey mongoose, civet and serval.

As we opened the camp, and with only 11 days remaining of the month of May, we had an incredible range of sightings, including many cat sightings, such as leopard, lion and wild cats.

A new male lion has taken over the Ruckomechi Pride and is still learning to control and share food with the females.

We have also had good sightings of zebra, hippos, impala, waterbuck, bushbuck, civet, genet and wild dogs. Other super predators like hyaena could be heard around camp whooping away in the night.

Huge herds of buffalo could be sighted on the floodplains. During a nature walk, we a special sighting of pangolin at the crocodile pools.

Guest Comments
Elephants walking through Camp, seeing the lion ‘Roar’! Cocktails with the hippos! Fabulous dinners at tent site.

Our entire stay will be a highlight. Campsite is first rate, food is great. Staff is most attentive – Fantastic time!

Entire staff! Baby elephant sighting. Hearing the lion in camp. Camp fires. Thank you. Love the people.

Staff in camp
: Ishmael Nzar
Honest Siyawareva

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