Little Ruckomechi - October 2016

Oct 12, 2016 Little Ruckomechi
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October was a great month with wildlife sightings improving steadily as the game came to look for water and we watched the lions, leopards and hyaenas fatten up on numerous kills. Wild dogs spent a lot of time on our concession too and the smaller predators like the African wild cat were able to catch more prey as the grass has now disappeared.

Other fascinating sightings included African civets, white-tailed mongooses and honey badgers, as well as large spotted genets which were seen foraging. Adding to the sightings, little primates like the bushbabies made our guests’ Mana Pools game drives particularly memorable.

The lion dynamics were interesting, as a nomadic pride seems to be trying take control of the concession. The Ruckomechi Pride was noticeably restless from the pressure of the new male invaders roaring within their area, and they responded to make their presence felt, resulting in a hullabaloo of deep sounds which reverberated across the valley, the impressive noise travelling far across the still air and water.

The increase in leopard numbers included two of these solitary felines spending most of their time around our jetty area, causing nightmares for the baboons – but improving guest sightings immensely.

The buffalo herds tend to favour the floodplains and the couch grass and vetivera, while the dagga boy elders in their ‘clubs’ of three to nine members were seen often, enjoying their retirement in the river bed and lagoons, feeding on the water hyacinth.

Eland and zebra tended to spend more time in the mopane Colophospermum mopane woodland.

The jesse-bush provided good browse for kudu and bushbuck as well as food for the mongooses that are active during the day. Herds of waterbuck and sounders of warthogs grazed on the floodplain in front of camp, providing great entertainment for our guests.

The game was phenomenal and photographers really had a ball with amazing sightings of all the apex predators.

Guest Comments
“Wonderful lion sighting with cubs! Elephants in camp create a truly magical atmosphere.”

“Cruise on the Zambezi. Difficult to be specific as entire experience was amazing. Camp staff were exceptional.”

“The staff, the location, landscape and the interaction with the animals around the lodge.”

Staff in Camp
Trainee Manager: Ishmael Nzara
Guide: Honest Siyawareva

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