Little Tubu – February 2014

Feb 28, 2014 Little Tubu
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Climate and Landscape
Water levels are still low though we have had a little rain and a few thunderstorms. Some days are hotter days than others and we welcome the presence of a cooling breeze.

Our guests have had a great time out here in the wilderness. There was a phenomenal sighting of a female leopard with her cub, a highlight for this month for sure! What a wonderful moment to see this delightful leopard cub bonding with its mother, an honour indeed. And it doesn’t end there; the same leopard was spotted with a baby kudu kill on Ivory Road – however, on a different day.

Another astounding sighting was of two male lion brothers who we heard calling in the early hours of the morning. Sure enough, they were found on the road from Kalahari Pans. They seem to have been frequenting our island lately, and are sometimes accompanied by a lioness. We haven’t been lucky enough to spot them with a kill, but seeing the big cats was enough for our guests.

We also had an exciting sighting of a black mamba which must have been about 2 to 3 metres long, right in camp underneath the deck. Guests were about to sit down for brunch but as I called them to come and view it, the snake slowly slithered away, disturbed by the footsteps and the voices it heard approaching.

A rather bizarre sighting was of a leopard and a warthog, face to face less than two metres away from each other! You would think that the leopard would attack but she just growled at the warthog. Suddenly a kudu joined the party and started alarming, upon which the leopard just turned and walked away.

Guests also came across a breeding herd of elephant, where two were mating by the airstrip; it’s always good to see any animal mating. There was a journey of giraffe showing off as well as a dazzle of zebra. A big herd of wildebeest has made their presence known over the past couple of weeks, during the day as well as at night.

Birds and Birding
Red-billed spurfowl are our alarm clock and daily we are woken up by these wonderful creatures. The woodland kingfisher visits us almost every day without fail.

Activities in Camp
We are not offering water activities at the moment, but guests are enjoying their game drives and traditional dinners with staff singing. Every now and then we wow them with sundowners out in the open Delta.

Staff in Camp
Manager: Philile Hlongwa
Guide: Seretse Xaeko


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