Little Tubu – January 2014

Jan 31, 2014 Little Tubu
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Weather and Landscape
January was very hot, although we had some days where it rained quite heavily – almost non-stop – but we also enjoyed an occasional cooling breeze which was very much appreciated.

The game drives have been magnificent and we had a few night drives where guests saw hippo out of the water. Guests really have been enjoying the sightings on their drives while closer to camp two male lion visited our island providing early morning wake-up calls for everybody. One of the highlights of the month was a female leopard spotted outside Tent 1 slowly making her way to the outdoor shower, all the while enjoying the view! The next morning at breakfast, guests were amazed to see a honey badger just below the deck before they departed for their morning activity.

We also had a sighting of a lion unsuccessfully chasing wildebeest – a very exciting sighting for the guests. On one of the morning game drives we came across a male leopard with his kill of a warthog piglet. He was very relaxed, feeding on the eastern side of Kalahari Pan. Soon after the male leopard, some tree squirrels and francolins were heard alarm-calling. A female leopard was spotted on the ground with her kill of an impala already up a leadwood tree – very close to where she has cubs hidden inside a tree. We have not seen the leopard cubs yet but every now and then we see tracks, so the excitement of seeing them soon is killing us!

Hippo were spotted in the lagoon while a breeding herd of 20 elephant came to quench their thirst. We also spotted a full-grown crocodile moving towards the breeding herd; we don’t know what his intentions were, but it would have been very interesting had something happened!

Birds and Birding
The delightful call of the swamp boubou welcomes our guests to Little Tubu, while the strikingly beautiful starlings show off their iridescent turquoise colour as if to say, “look at me – I am simply stunning!” Many of our guests have really enjoyed the birdlife around camp.

Camp Activities
Due to low water levels we have not had mokoro or boat safaris. As far as the traditional dinners go, guests are always fascinated by our culture and way of life in Botswana and everybody agreed the singing was a lovely bonus! They particularly enjoyed the Chief being chosen for the evening and having to address everybody.

We surprised our guests with a lovely bush brunch at a new spot we have located just past Kalahari Pan; they really appreciated the set-up and loved the food. The staff ladies in camp showed off their basket-weaving, which left guests speechless at their amazing talent.

It is apparent that our guests truly appreciate all that the staff do for them and this is very rewarding for us in turn.

Staff in Camp
Guides: Bee (Bolatotswe) Makgetho, Joe (Joseph) Makhulosekopo
Manager: Philile Hlongwa


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