Little Tubu - July 2013

Aug 14, 2013 Little Tubu
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Little Tubu has had a very mild to chilly month. July started off with light jacket weather on morning and afternoon activities, but has progressed to layering-up in the early mornings followed by slowly defrosting in the Delta sun. Guests have been enjoying the heat of the fire in the boma in the evening.

Wildlife sightings have been absolutely spectacular this month. We have had frequent sightings of our hyaena pup at the den with his mother and one early morning we got a surprise when a porcupine poked his head out of the den!

The elephants have kept us all enthralled next to the walkway and main area - with some guests admiring the view from the guest loo. The regular sound of a palm tree being shaken by the elephants has filled the camp, followed by a thunderstorm of falling palm nuts. We have decided a fitting name for this occurrence would be the palm nut shake-up!

Our local party animals, the baboons, have been discovering the use of a tent, namely a trampoline-combined-slide. They have also mastered the art of balancing on the swimming pool umbrella. On one occasion the balancing act was not up to scratch and baboon followed by umbrella fell into the swimming pool. The baboon escaped free of harm and CPR was administered to the umbrella which is back in good shape and keeping a watchful eye over the swimming pool. The baboons' antics however only started there. One peaceful afternoon the guests watched a baboon being mocked by some blacksmith lapwings. Much to our amusement the baboon tried to catch the lapwings with every swoop but eventually gave up and ran away.

Leopard sightings have been exceptional with a confirmed sighting on almost every drive.Towards the end of July, some leopard decided to come closer to camp and stories around the fire were shared with the unique calling of leopard and jumping catfish in the channel by Little Tubu.

Other sightings this month include giraffe, impala, kudu, ostrich, wildebeest and one sighting of 100 buffalo.

The channel in front of Little Tubu has slowly been draining and has provided fantastic fishing grounds for birds. At one point the egrets and hamerkops were challenging each other on fishing grounds in front of the Little Tubu viewing deck, chasing each other up and down the stream for some baby fish. Once Tubu Falls started flowing slower, it seemed that all other birdlife around the area realised there was some fishing to be done. Pied kingfishers scavenged the stream every day for the best food and were soon joined by two pelicans. Flocks of open-billed storks decided to make the floodplain in front of Little Tubu their home, giving an amazing aerial display before landing. Other sightings include white-fronted bee-eater, little bee-eater, malachite kingfishers and fish-eagles soaring in the sky.

Camp Activities
Little Tubu has had many fantastic activities with guests this month, some combined with Tubu Tree. On bush dinners we were joined by hyaena and bush brunches were accompanied by flocks of open-billed storks, which left our guests in awe. Romantic dinners, boma fires, traditional evenings, sundowners and picnics have been complemented by an amazing menu from our kitchen - even leaving guests wondering why no hyaenas have been around to steal their food off their plate.

Staff in Camp
Manager: Nadia Fourie
Guides: Bee Makgetho

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