Little Tubu – July 2014

Jul 31, 2014 Little Tubu
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Climate and Landscape
July was rather cold at Little Tubu and we experienced a lot of windy nights. The water level has decreased quite dramatically; you can tell we are coming towards the end of the season. Mornings as well as the evenings are cold; our days have been warmer though.  

Susnet at Little Tubu, Botswana

In a dramatic battle between two female leopards, we were amazed – and saddened – at the ending, as the two mothers ending up killing each other’s cubs. Read more details on the Tubu Tree newsletter.

The two lionesses with cubs were seen often on Hunda Island.

Otherwise game was very good, with herds of elephants around the island and sometimes also visiting us in camp, the lone bull often being seen outside the guests’ tents as they enjoyed their siestas in the afternoon. We have spotted lion tracks in camp and hear them call at night, and we have had quite a few good sightings of them.

Birding is always fantastic this at time of year with wattled cranes seen every day in front of camp along with yellow-billed storks. Birds seen daily include the lilac-breasted roller, starlings, black collared-barbet, red-billed spurfowl, pied kingfisher, crimson-breasted shrike and many others.

Crimsonbreasted Shrike at Little Tubu, Wildernesss Safaris, Botswana

Camp Activities
Game viewing has been excellent, making for very rewarding game drives. The water activities have also been a highlight, and although the Delta waters are slowly receding, our guests are still enjoying mokoro and boat cruises. Hippo and crocodile have been spotted while out on the water activities. One afternoon I had the pleasure of seeing three hippos in the water while on mokoro – from a safe distance of course… a lovely sighting while on the water!

Staff in Camp
Manager: Philile Hlongwa
Guide: Bee Makgetho

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