Little Tubu – March 2014

Mar 31, 2014 Little Tubu
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Climate and Landscape
Our weather over the last month has been fairly consistent, with the days hot and sunny and the nights cooled by a breeze.  We have had few rainy and cool days, and one big wind storm which came over us suddenly, bringing with it a lot of rain which carried on for hours. The water is rapidly rising as the inundation season approaches. We have experienced some rain in the past couple of days which has been most welcome since we still have very hot days – although overall the days have been thoroughly pleasant.

Guests have had a great time out here in the wilderness. Frequent elephant visits in camp have been experienced a number of times, fascinating our guests. An elephant named Frank (we know that it is him because of his partially bitten-off right ear) allows game viewing right at the front deck. This elephant is totally habituated to the presence of humans and goes about his day's business as if there’s no-one around.

The elephant herds have been seen on many game drives and they keep guests amused for hours with their behaviour. Most herds have been seen with young and it is always a delight to see these beautiful giants.

Another wonderful sighting was of the resident female leopard stalking impala. A hippo, which seemed to have died of natural causes, was spotted at Giraffe Pan with a big flock of vultures around it, waiting patiently for someone with a very strong jaw to open it up so they can feast on it.

The wildebeest and impala all make a welcome appearance on the floodplains as the guests arrive. Often it's the little things in camp that catch your eye, like the fish that flash through the waters or the woodland kingfishers that dive for them, and the iridescent starlings that are also often seen at camp. And at other times, the larger animals – impala or zebra on the island – delight our guests. We have also had sightings of the leopard with her enchanting little cub – we are always happy to see mother and cub bonding.

Birds and Birding
Birding has been outstanding this month with sightings ranging from kori bustard, wattled crane and ground hornbill – which we see frequently on the floodplains just outside camp – as well as our resident woodland kingfisher that we see every day.

Activities in Camp
Since we are now open for water activities, we are offering our guests boat and mokoro outings, which they have enjoyed a lot. They are always amazed at what they see while on the water.

Staff in Camp
Managers: Philile Hlongwa
Guides: Bee


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