Little Tubu - November 2013

Nov 30, 2013 Little Tubu
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Weather and Landscape
As expected, November was a very hot month, but overall we enjoyed some very pleasant conditions. We did experience some very hot and dry days, but most days were cooled off by a welcome breeze which helped to break the heat. Hopefully the winds will bring in some rain.

Guests are simply astounded at what nature has in store for them. There was a fantastic sighting of a young female leopard stalking and killing three young warthogs – it was truly amazing to see the agility of this magnificent feline.

Another highlight for the month was a unique interaction between a lioness and two leopards, which was witnessed by a few lucky guests. The leopard duo was feasting on a zebra which had died of natural causes when an unaware impala ram came running past. This opportunity was too good to pass up and one of the leopards immediately pounced onto the impala, ending his journey right there. Then, as the leopards finished feeding on the zebra and started to feed on the impala, a lioness suddenly started to make her way towards the remains of the zebra carcass. The leopards noticed the approaching lion and moved the impala carcass further away, out of sight of the lioness. Once the lioness started to feed on the zebra, the guests could see both predator species feeding from where they were sitting.

The following day, the guides decided to return to the scene and were rewarded with a sighting of three hyaena. The lion was nowhere to be seen, but from a safe distance the leopard pair was observing the hyaena tear the zebra carcass to pieces.

Apart from the predators, there were wonderful sightings of buffalo, elephant, giraffe and a variety of other plains game. A great honey badger sighting was enjoyed by guests right in front of camp. And the badger fun didn’t stop there… on another occasion, guests walking back to their room one night came across a group of four honey badgers playing with one another…until they noticed the people and quickly moved off into some dense vegetation.

Birds and Birding
Once again Little Tubu has enjoyed a wonderful abundance of birdlife. The woodland kingfisher has made its presence known to everyone in the camp as it has become as regular as the morning rooster of Tubu (a resident red-billed spurfowl).

We have seen a lot of yellow-billed kites in the area just looking for a quick snack and then making their way. In the afternoon, we are greeted by the wonderful sounds of the swamp boubou.

Birding is only going to get better over the next few months with the arrival of all the summer migrants.

Camp Activities
Guests enjoyed the wonderful and relaxing mokoro experience from which they can appreciate the great scenery and the birdlife.

Traditional dinner evenings are always special for the guests, most of whom are blown away by the enthusiasm and passion of all the staff when sharing their culture with everyone.

Game drives were thoroughly enjoyed and produced some incredible sightings at close quarters, creating a well-rounded safari experience when combined with mokoro trips.

Staff in Camp
Managers: Henk Truter and Marelize van Rensburg
Guides: Mogomotsi July


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