Little Vumbura - December 2013

Dec 31, 2013 Little Vumbura
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Weather and Landscape
Where to start? RAIN, RAIN, RAIN and more RAIN! With the amount of rain that has come down we have had catfish everywhere, even on our roads, as they have followed the water. And with the volume of rain the vegetation has become thick and amazingly green, the extra graze particularly enjoyed by the herbivores.

With the new coalition of two male lions that has introduced itself to the concession, there have been quite a number of kills, both by the coalition and other prices. A baby giraffe lost its mother after it was attacked by a female with two male cubs; all this happened simultaneously with another pride on a buffalo kill. We also had great sightings of beautiful sable antelope, large herds of elephant and buffalo, wild dog kills, beautiful leopard on the ground and up in the trees and hyaena doing what they know best – with superior numbers, they take meals from other predators.

This month there has been an abundance of new babies, from impala to baboon and elephant. And this of course is always wonderful to see. One of our favourite sights has been that of baby elephants look a bit puzzled as they try to work out how to use their trunks. We’ve also seen baboons feasting on the sudden abundance of mushrooms.

An adrenalin rush is always a great feeling and both the guests and I had this when we got to chase after wild dogs on a hunt – which turned out to be successful after an impala was killed by four adult wild dogs. This all happened at around 7pm as we started our morning game drive. Soon afterwards, their nine puppies were called to come and share the meal of the day.

Birds and Birding
Stranded catfish were eagerly snapped up by the likes of fish-eagles and marabou storks while other birdlife ranged from bee-eaters to kingfishers and rollers.

Camp Activities
Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve were celebrated with a full camp and awesome entertainment from the staff. Their cultural singing and dancing was greeted with enthusiasm by the guests who had taken the opportunity to spend the festive season with us.

Staff in Camp
Managers: Julie Sander, Chipasha, Kabelo Tebape, Ryno Vester & Johan Von Backstrom
Guides: Kay, Rain & Sevara

Newsletter by: Kabelo Tebape (KB)


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