Little Vumbura – January 2014

Jan 31, 2014 Little Vumbura
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What a spectacular and exciting month we have had here at Little Vumbura. The weather stabilised during the month, with the lowest temperature being 19° Celsius and the highest 36°. As is customary at this time of year, rain has been recorded in the area and it is really quite pleasant to take drives wearing ponchos in the drizzle.

There was quite a lot of excitement during the month in terms of wildlife, as some less frequently seen animals have been popping their heads up. On one drive, guests were thrilled by a magnificent sighting of two honey badgers (most unusual as they were spotted during the day and honey badgers are nocturnal) who were very relaxed around the vehicle. The two ferocious animals scampered on the road for quite some time before moving off into the thicker bush.

The Kubu Pride of lions was found at a giraffe kill, and although the kill was not witnessed, the aftermath of leftovers was seen, along with four magnificent lions too full to stand up.

Hyaena calls still dominate the night soundscape, and with the recent lion and wild dog activity, it seems to have increased. Monitoring our little hyaena family from the den near our old bush brunch spot, their two young cubs are now fully mobile and are also found outside the den. On some occasions they can be found playing with each other a distance away from the den area, giving out small yelps as they bite each other’s legs and ears. They are growing up very fast and have their full markings and unmistakable hyaena spots all over their bodies now. During the day they return to the den and can be found lounging in the sun, with the adults not too far away, ever-watchful of their offspring.

A large clan was found one morning after our eight lions had made a kill, and the entire clan was in a frenzy, fighting each other after the pride had finished its share. They were covered in blood and scars, full of the aggression these animals are famous for, and showing why they are one of the apex predators in this concession.

The buffalo are still around in large numbers, and hippo are always great to watch for during our boat rides.

Camp Activities
Another interesting prospect for many of our guests is the opportunity to take a helicopter flight (at an additional cost) over the Delta, adding that little bit of extra spice to an already amazing safari itinerary.

Guest Comments
“We would have loved to stay longer – this was our best camp, the meals, the staff – welcoming atmosphere and we felt at home and will be coming back. The sightings have been incredible – lions, wild dogs, hyaenas, hippos, elephants – and our guide was knowledgeable. Sundowner with honey badgers! AMAZING!”

“We loved the group table setting and socialising. Awesome staff, you should be proud of the warmth you give off. Food was great. Mokoro ride, sightings were exceptional and our guide Kay was very good. The whole stay was extremely enjoyable and memorable. Keep up the good work-we loved it!”

Staff in Camp
Alex Alufishaa, Ryno Verster, Kabelo Tebape, Johan Von Backstrom and guides Kay, Sam and Sevara

Newsletter and photos by Alex Alufishaa


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