Little Vumbura - January 2018

Feb 21, 2018 Little Vumbura
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Climate and Landscape
Happy New Year everyone! We hope you had a great festive season and we are looking forward to hosting you here in the Okavango Delta. We had a few drops of rain recently and our rainfall for the month topped off at 25 mm. Clouds are still forming since we are in the middle of our rainy season. Temperatures have been rising and our minimum temperature was a relatively high 20° Celsius with a maximum of 36° C.

The past month has been amazing in terms of wildlife viewing here at Little Vumbura. Really, the Okavango Delta has so much to offer in terms of biodiversity.

Guests were woken up at night and in the early mornings by the roaring of the Kubu Pride and the Four Boys coalition. The Kubu Pride cubs are doing well and their numbers are a welcome addition to the lions we have on the concession. Recently guests were privileged to see them killing a buffalo just a few metres from Little Vumbura’s fuel station.

Typically elusive species such as cheetah, wild dog and sable antelope were seen often and guests had amazing sightings of a breeding herd of sable at the Vumbura airstrip on more than one occasion.

Residents leopards like Naledi and Selonyana were spotted frequently on our concession too – around the camps and along our roads on their hunting missions. Selonyana and one of her cubs were seen often but we’re sad to note the other cub seems to be missing.

Due to the few drops of rain we had recently, the water level increased a little and big herds of elephant and buffalo with their young were seen regularly, foraging and heading to the waterholes. The guests seemed to really enjoy watching the animals, especially drinking water from the main channels and some of the other water catchment areas.

Camp Activities
Guests had a great time with us on the island during the month. We did quite few magic setups like bush brunches, smoothie stops and sundowners to make their stay even more memorable. Lately we have been setting up a sundowner stop for guests at the mokoro station.

Staff in Camp
Managers: Colleen, Gladys, Namie and Rachael
Guides: Gee, Madala Kay and Lettie

Newsletter compiled by Oscar

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Ken gelinas  Apr 8, 2018

Ken and sue arriving 5/10 and cannot wait! Looks fantastic.