Little Vumbura - March 2018

Mar 9, 2018 Little Vumbura
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Climate and Landscape
Winter is creeping into the Delta. The mornings are dark and chilly and the beautiful sunsets are almost over by 18h30. Temperatures between dusk and dawn sit just below 20° Celsius, but we still have lovely warm afternoons with temperatures reaching the low 30s.

The Delta waters are also slowly coming into our area; our highest level last year was 110 cm while the level is already at 92 cm now! We assume a lot of water is coming down the channels from the catchment areas in Angola’s highlands, as our rainfall was not that high this year.

The lions are still so strong in numbers we thought we’d report on some other exciting news… cheetah! It has been ages since we saw mom and her cubs in our area. The cubs are already sub-adults and have grown nicely since we last saw them. The guides saw mom just after she had made an impala kill so all three bellies were nicely full.

Selonyana, our resident female leopard, still has her two beautiful cubs with her. They were last seen with a red lechwe kill – on the ground too, as mom only climbs trees when there are bigger predators in the area.

Who says you need to go on a game drive for good sightings? One day during a bush brunch we were lucky enough to see an elephant walking by with her two young ones. The gentle giants calmly came right past our setup while the guests were sitting down to lunch. We had a great view of them from 10 metres away!

Speaking of elephants, repeat guest Angry Bob comes around in the early mornings or late evenings. He doesn’t really bother us anymore and seems to be a happy camper nowadays, although we have noticed that he has an abscess where his right tusk used to be. He’s a big old bull and hopefully he is not in too much pain.

All things big and small are found around here on our island. A little, actually not-so-little, chameleon decided to go for a walk along our boardwalk – he was at least 30 cm long! A decent size for one of these creatures.

Camp Activities
The boat activities never let us down with stunning sunsets and crystal-clear mirror-images of the clouds on the flat water. With the water level rising, we are now able to go further west on the channels to reach Paradise by boat – which makes for a wonderful scenic outing with lots of hippos to be seen.

Staff in Camp
Managers: Anton, Laura, Joel
Guides: Sam, Madala Kay and Kevin

Newsletter compiled by Anton and Laura

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