May: Our Top Ten Images from Instagram

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Our top ten images from Instagram this month will have you longing to visit Africa’s most pristine wilderness areas.

Three’s a Crowd

You usually have the upper-hand when it’s two against one… This is exactly what happened when two young males got together to chase off one of the older lions that had crossed into their territory at Jao Camp. @Duncanblog has this to say: “This is one of the trip highlights we would have missed if we hadn’t decided to do one last game drive.” The lesson? Always say ‘yes’ to a game drive!

Maternal Bonds

An image in celebration of all the special mothers out there. Thank you @handcraft_ray for sharing this priceless image.

Location: Volcanoes National Park

Elephants in the Shadows of a Dust Storm

Elephants enveloped in a dust storm near to Hoanib Skeleton Coast Camp. Photograph by Michael Lorentz @mlorentz23

A Million-Star Experience

On 10 May we announced the reopening of the newly refurbished and very luxurious Abu Camp Star Bed. This picture confirms that this really is the best place to spend a night under the stars. Fall asleep to the contented sound of elephant rumbling from their boma below your bed!

Hide and Seek at Mombo

Mombo Camp, or the ‘Place of Plenty’ as it is commonly referred to, is a bountiful hunting ground for predators such as lion and leopard. @Sbedaux  caught this spectacular moment on camera at just at the right time.

Damaraland Desertscape

Ryan Roberts (@batsndragons) perfectly summed up her Damaraland experience in just a few words: “Damaraland Camp: As rich in character as it is in colour.”

An Iconic Hwange Scene

A herd of elephants pass in front of Davison’s Camp – an incredible slice of paradise situated in Hwange National Park. Photograph by Craig Glatthaar, US Sales Manager at Wilderness Safaris @craigglatthaar

Gin and Tonic Hour at Kings Pool Camp

"The sun was halfway below the horizon when we called our three-minutes out from Kings Pool. I had already ordered the gin and tonics to be ready when we arrived in camp – surely one of the most magical places to have a celebratory drink after a full day out in the bush." - Neumann Vasco, Wilderness Guide. @neu_vasco. Photograph by Dana Allen Photography. 

An Incredible Few Seconds

A few lucky guests at Vumbura Plains Camp had a remarkable sighting of the Kubu Pride crossing a channel with cubs in tow. The little cub at the back of the pride is known as Survivor. Survivor had gone missing for a couple of days but managed to find her way back to her family. A true survivor! Footage by Vumbura Guide Lethebe Sethwara.

Cub in Tree

They say dynamite comes in small packages and it certainly would seem so when you first look at this striking image by Alan Murray Wildlife Photography. This little leopard cub is perfectly positioned to take all the credit for a kill that would no doubt have been made by its mother!

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By Kate Collins

Kate grew up exploring the bushveld on her family rose farm, living among Nguni cattle, geese, warthogs, ostriches and horses. After completing an Honours degree at the University of Cape Town, Kate began working at Wild magazine as a journalist and as the Digital Editor of the Wild Card website. Kate has travelled to destinations throughout southern Africa, enjoying the many rich offerings of our country. Her work at Wild magazine helped secure her next move to Londolozi Game Reserve where she worked in their Creative team managing online communications and assisting guests with their wildlife photography. Kate now lives in Johannesburg and is proud to be a part of Wilderness Safaris in her role as copywriter. “I am very excited to work for a company that makes such a huge difference to people’s lives and to the wild places throughout our incredibly beautiful and diverse continent.”

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