Ongava Lodge and Little Ongava - July 2012

Aug 9, 2012 Ongava Lodge
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Weather and Landscape
We can definitely feel the cold weather now. Due to the prevailing winds, the mornings and evenings have become very cold, as the cold conditions from the Atlantic sweep over us. The monthly average temperature for July was 24° C.

July and August are the driest months, and now all of the deciduous trees have lost their leaves, making visibility for game viewing so much better.

Ongava Reserve
It has been another great month for game viewing in Ongava. Rhino sightings have been fantastic, with sightings of both species, even sometimes drinking side by side at a waterhole.

On the subject of waterholes, all of those that still have water have been attracting huge numbers of wildlife.

The Stompie Pride is back in the area and has been seen almost daily. Cheetah sightings have been pretty good too. We suspect that the predator forces will be cashing in on the abundance of prey species around the waterholes.

Three bull elephants have wandered in from Etosha and have been seen on a few occasions.

As we edge further into the dry season, the nomadic elephant herds are slowly returning to the south-western areas of Etosha, adding more variety to our full or half day excursions in the park.

Guest Comments
"What a fabulous experience. So many animals in just two days. Wonderful food, comfortable villas and excellent guides and service. Loved it and great memories."

"A wonderful place with five star staff!"

Staff in Camp
Managers: Adriano, Agnes, George and Jason
Guides: Kapona, Henock, Abram, Willem, Teacher and Salomon.

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