Ongava Lodge - March 2012

Apr 2, 2012 Ongava Lodge
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Weather and Landscape
This year we have experienced very unpredictable and unusual rainfall conditions. We had a number of rain and cloud-free days, when the temperatures would climb into the early 40s (Celsius), but these days were broken by solid days of rain which cooled things down. Night-time temperatures were pretty comfortable, as the average evening temperature was 20°C.

The vegetation is bursting into a variety of green shades and hues, as the excess rain has caused a growth explosion in all forms of vegetation. The landscape is very beautiful and scenic, but the density has resulted in difficult game viewing in some instances.

This month, Ongava Reserve produced absolutely fantastic sightings despite the lack of rainy conditions.

Lion sightings have been great as the Stompie Pride has returned to the area, making daily appearances as they use the thick vegetation to their advantage in hunting. A highlight was the sighting of a lioness with her cubs, which were quite young.

Cheetah have also been encountered on a regular basis, most often around the airstrip and Tiervlei area.

In camp, the local subspecies of rock hyrax have been entertaining our guests as they energetically scamper amongst the rocks.

Game viewing in Etosha - the 'Great White Place' - has been pretty good, as the nomadic elephant herds return to the south-western areas. The wildlife has spread out a little more, as there is a large amount of surface water now, allowing the wildlife to further disperse from the winter waterholes.

Guest Comments
'The level and standard of service has been fantastic - keep up the great work!'

'When we return to Germany, we will tell all our friends about Ongava Lodge and how excellent it is.'

'Our guide, Henock was extremely knowledgeable, the sundowner stops were magic and the camp staff were very attentive to our needs.'

Staff in Camp
Managers: Adriano, Agnes, George and Jason.
Guides: Teacher, Kapona, Henock, Abram, Willem and Salomon.

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