Ongava Lodge – March 2014

Mar 31, 2014 Ongava Lodge
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Climate and landscape
The weather in March is a continuation of the wet season with rain and thunderstorms. The stormy weather caused some damage to the new blinds, but we try our best to keep our guests happy… even if it is just with a warm cup of coffee!

As we all know, during the rainy season it can be tricky to find some of the wildlife of the Ongava Reserve as they do not need to come to waterholes to slake their thirst. That said, our guides did manage to impress our guests with excellent sightings of lions mating as well as rhino, elephant and other general game.

Birds and Birding
Guides also spotted secretarybirds and various other species on their game drives. The secretarybird is endemic to this continent, and is predominantly a terrestrial bird of prey, living on the ground as opposed to in trees.

Camp Activities
21 March was a very special day at Ongava Lodge as it was Namibia’s 24th birthday. We feel very proud to be part of this beautiful country.

Pictured  are guests at the dinner table where we set up one large table, family-style. The whole evening went well, and guest feedback was great. Many people were interested in the country’s history and eager for a chance to learn more about local culture.

Rosalia made a presentation to the guests at the fire-pit. She spoke about the diversity in Namibia, and explained the various outfits and how they represented different groups and are worn for different occasions like weddings, etc. She also mentioned the different languages spoken by staff at Ongava Lodge and some of the staff spoke and read the menu in their home languages to offer the guests an example.

This was followed by dinner which included a braai. We had mahangu pap, spinach, marula oil, and mopane worms (yes!) for guests to try – along with the regular menu of course, and everyone tasted at least some of the traditional food.

After the guests were finished, Adriano, one of the managers at Ongava Lodge, gave a presentation, Adriano’s presentation on the history of the Namibian struggle for independence included key dates and events, as well as some of his own experiences, and we showed the guests pictures of all the presidents of Namibia. Then the ladies sang the national anthem and gave a short demonstration of traditional dancing. Finally, we offered guests the opportunity to try some local liquor.

The group staff picture  includes Enata, Kapona, Anna-Marie, Samantha, Emily (yes, they were kind enough to find Emily an Owambo dress), Serafina, Fransina, Elifas, Adriano, and Rosalia in traditional clothes. We were able to showcase Damara and Owambo clothing for different occasions.

Guest comments
“It was beautiful, we will come again!”
“View of waterhole was magnificent, rooms very comfortable, all in all a brilliant Wilderness experience”

Staff in Camp
Sadly we said goodbye to Jonathan and Sylvia, our managing couple at Ongava Lodge. You will be missed.


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